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Motorized events permit

Land use permit for motorized events (such as snowmobile or ORV group rides)

Groups whose activities meet the following criteria need to fill out an event use permit application:

  • An activity is in contrast with an existing DNR administrative rule or land use order of the director (i.e. riding in an area not designated for motorized use).
  • An event fee is charged to participants. This does not apply to closed club opportunities or when donations are suggested, but not required to participate in the event.
  • The event is not completely located on a designated motorized trail system. State forest roads are not considered designated motorized trails. Approval for events on public lands outside of the designated motorized trail system requires permission from the land administering division of those lands. If the event occurs beyond the boundaries of DNR lands, it is the event organizer’s responsibility to get approvals from other property owners or administrations.
  • Non-licensed motorized vehicles are being used.
  • DNR oversight is required.
  • Natural resources or facilities would be impacted beyond normal recreation use.
  • Directional signs and markers will be posted for event.
  • The use is proposed for longer than 24 hours.

Note: If you meet the criteria, you may submit an event application in place of the notification form.

Wheeled motorized activity notification (i.e., ORVs)

Groups whose activities take place on DNR-managed public lands where a fee or donation is required for participation, and/or the number of people involved is 20 or more, are required to notify the department of their group’s activity using the wheeled motorized vehicle activity notification form. This notification is only required for groups with wheeled vehicles (i.e., NOT snowmobiles).

Contact information

Please contact the facility where the event will occur for questions about whether or not a permit is needed.

If you have general questions about event use permits, please contact: