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Hunters And Anglers Make A Difference

Most Michigan residents know the Department of Natural Resources is responsible for things like fish and wildlife management, hunting and fishing regulations, and habitat protection, but many don't know where the funding for these efforts comes from. You may assume that your tax dollars fund the DNR's conservation work, but in reality, only a small portion of the DNR's funding comes from General Fund (tax) dollars. The protection, preservation and management of Michigan's natural resources have been primarily funded by the people who hunt and fish through their purchase of equipment and licenses.

If you're a hunter or angler, have bought a license or hunting/fishing equipment, thank you for investing in Michigan's wildlife! If you know a hunter or angler, pass on this message and thank them for everything they have done for conservation in Michigan. Their efforts have resulted in millions of acres of habitat saved and near-miraculous population increases in several species of game and sport fish. You can enjoy more hunting, fishing, boating and wildlife-related recreational opportunities than ever before thanks to hunters and anglers!

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