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Wildlife Action Plan by Topic

Michigan’s Wildlife Action Plan is a partner-developed, strategic framework to cooperatively conserve wildlife and their habitats – especially those wildlife populations already in decline.  That’s important for residents, too, because many uncommon fish and wildlife provide valuable information about the health of Michigan's water, land and air.

Some species are cherished Michigan icons, like the Kirtland's warbler – the rarest migratory songbird in North America – and the ancient lake sturgeon. Such wildlife and their habitats are key to healthy ecosystems and to the very landscape where hunting, fishing, camping, bird watching and other outdoor recreation happen every day.

Michigan’s Wildlife Action Plan focuses on priority habitats (using rare and common wildlife as measures of progress toward achieving plan goals) and links with existing programs and plans. It brings public and private organizations together to work toward shared goals, and partners can voluntarily take conservation actions identified in the plan in support of their own goals and needs.