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Mute Swan Removal Applications/Permits

How Can I Remove Mute Swans on My Property?

If you have mute swans on your property and wish to remove them or their nests and eggs, you must request a permit from your local DNR office.

See wildlife field offices or call 517-284-9453.

See below for permit application forms.

If you have multiple landowners on your water body, you must submit a petition signed by 70 percent of the lakeshore owners or 70 percent of the shoreline ownership; or provide a resolution from an elected local government official (township, city, etc.) who represents the property owners on the body of water that approves mute swan control for that site.

Permittees can be authorized to conduct control activities themselves or contract a licensed nuisance animal control firm. If permittees choose to conduct control activities themselves, DNR staff must oversee mute swan removal the first year. Permittees must follow safety protocols and notification procedures. USDA-Wildlife Services has received invasive species grant funding in recent years for mute swan removal and is authorized to conduct control activities on both private and public land. Your local DNR biologist can inform you if your site may be able to benefit from these special grant funds.

For more details on permitting procedures, see Michigan Mute Swan Control and Management Policy and Procedures.

You and your neighbors can help protect Michigan's natural resources by controlling invasive mute swans on your lakes and wetlands.

Permit Application and Related Information