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Carney Fen

Carney Fen

Recognition: Legally Dedicated (2009), Natural Area by Natural Resources Commission Resolution

Size: 2,325 acres

Location: Within Escanaba River State Forest in Menominee County, 5 miles west of Carney

Management: Escanaba River State Forest

Activities: Wildflower viewing, hiking, bird watching, outdoor education, nature study, photography, hunting

Importance: The Carney Fen is a high quality northern fen and rich conifer wetland. Fens are much less acidic in chemistry than a typical wetland or bog and are fed by groundwater and can support diverse landscapes of sedge meadows, rushes and wildflowers that combine to provide vital wildlife habitat. This area is home to the largest and most diverse population of orchids in the state, with at least two dozen species identified. Michigan's state wildflower, the dwarf lake iris, has also been documented at the Carney Fen, and many species of wildlife, including bobcat, black bear, deer, butterflies, raptors and songbirds, thrive in the fen's unique ecosystem.