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Crow River Mouth


  • The Nature Conservancy Natural Areas Registry
  • State of Michigan Forest Plan

Size: 520 acres

Location: In the western portion of Mackinac County, on the shore of Lake Michigan

Management: Lake Superior State Forest

Activities: Hiking, photography, hunting, nature study, birdwatching, scenic vistas, camping (adjacent)

Importance: The shoreline of the area features interdunal wetlands that are among the largest and most diverse in the state, placing them also among the world's best sites for this Great Lakes community. The extensive "flats"--transitional areas between open dunes and typical interdunal wetlands--are unique. Four Great Lakes endemic plant species (found only in the Great Lakes region) are found in the area. The low foredune and boreal forest (including some old-growth) add to the diversity of the site, increasing the number of species of plants and animals available for nature study. The relatively undisturbed stretch of undeveloped shoreline provides the opportunity for an uncommon recreational experience.