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Minong-Petersburg Prairie

Recognition: The Nature Conservancy Natural Areas Registry

Size: 9 acres

Location: Within the Petersburg St. Game Area,in western Monroe County

Management: Petersburg State Game Area

Activities: Nature study, photography, wildflower viewing, walking, outdoor education

Importance: The Lake Erie Plain once supported a rich matrix of extensive lowland prairie, oak savanna, flatwoods, and swamps. The prairies were drained and brought under the plow, the forests cut, and the lack of fire let the savanna become oak woods. In this natural area, a tiny fraction of the original lakeplain oak opening complex remains. Mesic sand prairie on lower ground between remnant oak savannas on low ancient beach ridges is being restored by the DNR Wildlife Division and local volunteers. A variety of colorful prairie wildflowers may be seen from May through September, such as butterflyweed, tall coreopsis, sunflowers, blazing star, wood lily, culver's root, prairie rose, ironweed, New England aster and blue gentians. Tall prairie grasses also abound.