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Pigeon River Area

Recognition: Nominated for Legal Dedication (3)


  • Pigeon River Pines - 220 acres
  • Grindstone Creek - 160 acres
  • Dog Lake - 680 acres

Management: Pigeon River State Forest

Location: Southern portion of Cheboygan county, approximately 8 miles east of Wolverine

Activities: Hiking, cross-country skiing, hunting, fishing, outdoor education.

Importance: The Pigeon River Pine area is exemplary because of the over 100 acres of white pine (most about 100 years old). The Grindstone Creek area encompasses a northern hardwood forest with many large trees, including some old growth beech and maple trees remaining from the original forest. It also contains four acres of cedar swamp and a portion of the Grindstone Creek headwaters. The Dog Lake area is considered to be one of the most remote and wild areas in the region. Nesting loons, bald eagles, and osprey are a few of the many animals using the lake.