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Shadbush Tract Nature Study Area

Recognition: Legally Dedicated Natural Area

Size: 70 acres

Location: In Macomb County, along the Clinton River, just northwest of Utica

Management: Riverbend Park (formerly Rochester-Utica State Rec. Area)

Activities: Hiking, photography, outdoor education, nature study, bird watching, wildflower viewing

Importance: This area exists in what was once a relatively flat glacial lake plain, which was covered at one point by an extensive river delta. At a later time, a broad valley was deeply cut into the delta by glacial melt waters, creating a steep hillside approximately fifty feet high, with a narrow low terrace at its base. The tamarack swamp and boggy areas of the low ground contain interesting and unusual plants. More than 50 different species of trees and shrubs alone are found in the tract. The Clinton River runs along the eastern boundary.