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Interpretive Programs

Registration for fieldtrips and traveling naturalist can be scheduled using the links below.

Field trip reservations


Traveling Naturalist

We also offer a "traveling naturalist" option - where we come to you, either at your school or another location off-site. This can come in handy, especially in the winter season!

To help in program selection, here is a list of suggested labs and class segments

  • Lessons learned from the bald eagle Pre-Visit (email Jonathan Massung directly for scheduling)

For assistance in registration, please contact Jonathan Massung via email or call 989-667-0717. 


To help in program selection, here is a list of suggested labs and class segments:

(Let us know your learning goals and when can build a custom program to suit your needs.)

Ecology hikes

30 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min.  (90- and 120-min. hikes include in-field investigations along the trail)

  • Tobico Marsh (requires buses to drop off at trailhead)
  • Lagoon Loop
  • Shoreline


Field labs

30 - 60 min

Natural Science

  • Live creature collection and ID
  • Beaver dam and ground water lab
  • Leaf ID challenge
  • Carrying capacity model
  • Tree needs model
  • Tree aging estimation lab
  • Invasive species model
  • Microscopes field investigation
  • Simple bird feeders
  • Habitat houses: bird or bats

Outdoor Recreation

  • Fishing at the docks
  • Archery (grades 5+)
  • 3D field archery (grades 5+/ advanced skills)
  • Survival shelters / hatchet program

Building Presentations & Labs

30 - 60 min

  • Mammal of Michigan
  • Vertebrates of Michigan
  • Birds of Michigan
  • Fish of the Great Lakes
  • Raptor classification lab
  • Owl pellet lab
  • Fur lab
  • Skulls lab
  • Microscope lab
  • Live animals of Tobico Marsh
  • Invasive species lamprey lab
  • Watershed model
  • Aquaponics & the cattail marsh lab

Traveling Naturalist

30 - 60 min

  • Lessons learned from the bald eagle (75 minutes)
  • Invasive species lab
  • Live animals of the marsh
  • Mammal fur lab
  • Mammal skull ID lab
  • Owl pellets lab
  • Carrying capacity model /game
  • Watershed model

Let us know your learning goals and we can build to suit your needs.