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Black Lake sturgeon season

Ice fishing sturgeon on Black Lake

Black Lake sturgeon season

The 2023 Black Lake sturgeon season begins Feb. 4.

Registration, rules and safety

General information:

  • 2023 quota is six sturgeon, with no minimum size requirement.
  • Fishing season is Feb. 4-8, or until the quota of six fish are harvested.
  • Fishing hours each day are 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. EST, or until quota is met.
  • If five fish are harvested at the end of any fishing day, the season will then be closed.
  • Current fishing license required for registration unless angler is 16 or younger.


Register online»

  • Registration is online and mandatory. In-person registration is not available.
  • Prior to registering, participants will need a current Michigan fishing license.
    • If you plan to purchase a daily fishing license to participate in this event, you can purchase a Michigan fishing license in advance (you set the date/time for the license to start) 
  • By completing this online registration, you certify that you have a current Michigan fishing license and will abide by all season rules.
  • Cell phone numbers are mandatory as part of your registration:
    • Event and harvest updates about the season will go out via text message.
    • A cell phone number from someone in your shanty's fishing party is acceptable.

Rules while season is open

  • Anglers fishing for sturgeon are required to hang their own blaze orange, or bright red, 1-foot square flagging material on shanties while fishing for sturgeon, and immediately remove them when the season is over.
  • Registered anglers will get texts:
    • The night before the season opens.
    • 8 a.m. EST Feb. 4, when the season opens.
    • When a fish is registered as taken by an angler.
    • When the season ends. 


  • The DNR is taking safety measures by maintaining a social distance of at least 6 feet.
  • Anglers are asked to not gather around DNR personnel, to maintain a social distance of 6 feet.
  • For ice safety information, please visit

Successful anglers

  • Anglers must immediately notify on-ice DNR personnel of harvested fish.
  • Successful anglers must then immediately take the fish to be registered at the DNR trailer at the Zolner Road access located at the northeast side of the lake.