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Family Friendly Fishing Waters

Find a new fishing location!

The Family Friendly Fishing Waters map shows family-friendly fishing locations across the state that are easy to access and have a high likelihood of catching fish. You can filter the locations by what type of fish you want to catch, what kind of fishing you are looking for (boat, pier, shore) what amenities you would like (swimming, restrooms, etc.) and entrance fee.


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Need help navigating the map?

Check out our How-To document.

This application contains a complex map. Call 517-284-5830 for assistance with reading or interpreting. If you have questions or comments, please contact Suzanne Stone at

Recommend a location to be added to the map

Want to submit a location? Send an email to Suzanne Stone with the following information:

  • waterbody name
  • size of waterbody
  • type of fishing available (shore, pier, boat)
  • fish species found there
  • hours open
  • if a fee is required for entry
  • on-site amenities (including if there are rustic bathrooms, modern bathrooms or no bathrooms)
  • county, city/township, address (if available)
  • a photo (if available)

Submissions and locations are evaluated by our staff to make sure they fit the requirements. Submission of a waterbody does not guarantee it will be included on the map. We will make every effort to include as many waterbodies that are submitted as possible.

My First Fish! or My Big Fish!

Celebrate the catching of a child's first fish or a big fish with these printable certificates: