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Alger County

16 Mile Lake

16 Mile Lake (Version 2)

Ackerman Lake

Ackerman Lake

Addis Lake #1

Addis Lake #2

Aleck Lake

Al's Lake

Anna Lake

AuTrain Island Pond

AuTrain Lake

AuTrain Lake (Version 2)

Bachelor's Lake

Baldy Lake

Bar Lake

Bass Lake

Bearfoot Lake

Beaver Lake

Big Twin Lake

Birch Lake

Buck Lake

Buck Lake (Version 2)

Bunting Lake

Carp Lake

Carr Lake

Carter Lake

Cherry Lake

Chicago Lake

Cloverleaf Lake

Cluster Lake (central)

Cluster Lake (east)

Cluster Lake (west)

Cole Creek Pond

Coles Lake

Cook Lake

Corner Lake

Crooked Lake

Crow Lake

Dead Lake

Deadman Lake

Deer Lake

Deer Lake (Version 2)

Deerfoot Lake

Doe Lake

Doe Lake (Version 2)

Duck Lake

East Bay

East Lake

Echo Lake

Fish Lake

Fox Lake

Gopher Lake

Grand Sable Lake

Grass Lake

Grimes Lake

Gypsy Lake

Half Moon Lake

Headwaters Cole Creek

Hemlock Lake

Hike Lake

Hovey Lake

Ionia Lake

Iron Lake

Island Lake

Jenny Lake

Joes Lake

Johns Lake East

Juanita Lake

Kimble Lake

Lake 17

Lake Dam Lake

Legion (pine) Lake

Lion Lake

Little Beaver Lake

Little Gypsy Lake

Little Pole Lake

Little Round Lake

Long Lake

Loon Lake (T43N-44N,R19W)

Loon Lake (T48N,R15W)

Lost Lake

Lower Shoe Lake

Mallard Lake

Man Lake

Man Lake (Version 2)

McComb Lake

McComb Lake (Version 2)

McKay Lake

McNeil Lake

Mellen Lake

Michaud Lake

Miners Lake

Mirror Lake

Misty Lake

Mitchel Lake

Moccasin Lake

Moccasin Lake

Molly Lake

Muddy Lake

Muddy Lake (Version 2)

Nawakwa Lake (sucker)

Nevins Lake

Niemi Lake

No Name (Nita) Lake

No Name Lake

No Name Lake

No Name Lake

No Name Lake

No Name Lake

No Name Lake

Nobel Lake

North Lake

Otter Lake

Owl Lake

Palmer Lake

Pan Lake

Panther Lake

Paquette Lake

Peck Lake

Perch Lake

Phillips Lake

Pickerel Lake

Pickerel Lake (Version 2)

Pine Lake

Porky North Lake

Porky South Lake

Powell Lake

Ready Lake

Red Jack Lake

Red Jack Lakes

Rock Lake

Rock Lake (Version 2)

Round Lake

Round Lake (Version 2)

Sand Lake

Sand Lake (Version 2)

Scout Lake

Section 36 Lake

Shelter Bay Pond

Sister Lake

Sitka Lake

Slowfoot Lake

Sphagnum Lake

Spider Or Rock River Ponds

Spot Lake

Spruce Lake

Starvation Lake

Stella Lake

Stella Lake (Version 2)

Stoner Lake

Stoner Lake (Version 2)

Teal Lake

Temple Lake

Temple Lake (Version 2)

The Pond

Thorton Lake

Tie Lake

Tie Lake

Tighe Lake

Townline Lake

Trappers Lake

Triangle Lake

Trout Lake

Trout Lake Pond North

Trout Lake Pond West

Trueman Lake

Upper Shoe Lake

Upper Twin Lake

Violet Lake

Weber Lake

West Branch Lake

West John Lake

Wheelbarrow Lake

The Michigan DNR makes every effort to provide useful and accurate information. It does not warrant the information to be completely representative of current conditions.