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Schoolcraft County

19 Lake

Ashford Lake

Banana Lake

Beaton Lake

Beaton Lake (Version 2)

Beaver Ponds

Bell Lake

Big Bass Lake

Big Island Lake

Big Murphy Lake

Bluegill Lake

Blush Lake

Boot Jack Lake

Boot Lake

Brevick Lake

Byers Lake

Camp Nine Lake

Canoe Lake

Carpenter Lake

Cedar Lake

Center Lake

Clear Lake

Clear Lake (Version 2)

Clemons Lake

Coattail Lake

Colwell Lake

Colwell Lake (Version 2)

Cookson Lake

Cooksons Lake

Corner Lake

Cranberry Lake

Cresent Lake

Crooked Lake

Cusino Lake

Dodge Lake

Doyle Lake

Driggs Lake

Dutch Fred Lake

Eagle Lake

East Lake

Fawn Lake

Foote Lake

Ford Lake

Gemini Lake

Ghost Lake

Grassy Lake

Green Bass Lake

Greenway Lake

Gulliver Lake

Harcourt Lake

Herman Lake

Hub Lake

Hughes - Lake

Indian Lake

Ironjaw Lake

Island Lake

Jack Lake

Jarr Lake

Kennedy Lake

Kepler Lake

Lake And Stream- Klondyke Lake

Leg Lake

Little Bass Lake

Little Boot Lake

Little Island Lake

Little Murphy Lake

Lost Lake

Lyman Lake

Marblehead Lake

McDonald Lake

McInnes Lake

McKeever Lake

Merwin Lake

Mezik Lake

Michaud Lake

Mid Lake

Minerva Lake

Minnow Lake

Muleshoe Lake

Neds Lake

Ostrander Lake

Palmer Lake

Peanut Lake

Pear Lake

Petes Lake

Petes Lake (Version 2)

Red Lake

Red Lake (Version 2)

Rim Lake

Ross Lake

Sand Lake

Shuberts Lake

Snyder Lake

Stanley Lake

Steuren Lake

Stewart Lake

Strait Lake

Stump Lake

Sunken Lake

Swan Lake

Taylor Lake

Tee Lake

Three Island Lake

Thunder Lake

Thunder Lake (Version 2)

Tighe Lake

Timijon Lake

Toms Lake

Town Line Lake

Triangle Lake

Twilight Lake

Twin Lake (north)

Twin Lake (south)

Upper Lake

Vance Lake

Verdant Lake

Wedge Lake

Worchester Lake

The Michigan DNR makes every effort to provide useful and accurate information. It does not warrant the information to be completely representative of current conditions.