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Morel hunting tips

Tips for your morel search

  • Bring a map and a compass or GPS unit when out in the forest to avoid getting lost off-trail. 
  • Wear sturdy, comfortable footwear, as you likely will have to go off the beaten path to find morels.
  • Be prepared to experience disappointments when searching for morels - some spots yield mushrooms year after year, while others skip years between crops.
  • Your "eye" for morels will sharpen with practice.
  • Never rake an area for morels or drive an off-road vehicle cross country. A healthy forest floor allows morels to grow.
  • Using a mesh bag (such as an onion bag) or a basket will allow your collected morels to stay dry; a plastic bag can speed up decay.
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Mushroom education resources

  • Most important of all – know what you are eating! Know the difference between a “true” morel and the “false morels,” such as beefsteak mushrooms, which are poisonous.
  • Make your first several mushroom hunts, whether for morels or other edible mushrooms, with someone who knows mushrooms.
  • For more information on morel mushroom hunting in Michigan, visit the Pure Michigan or Midwest American Mycological Information websites.
  • Buy or download a mushroom guide, and be aware that updates may be needed as new information is published.
  • Many of Michigan’s universities and community colleges offer adult education courses on mushrooms, and enrolling in one may be a good way to get started.
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