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Argo use on state land

An Argo (a six-wheel or side-by-side) is regulated as an off-road recreation vehicle (ORV).  Under Michigan law, Argos can be operated on ORV routes (up to 72 inches), state forest roads (open to ORV use) and/or scramble areas. Argos cannot be operated on ORV-designated trails (maximum 50 inch).

Please keep in mind:

  • An ORV license is required.
  • If an Argo is used as a vessel, it’s also regulated under the marine safety statute. An Argo is required to be registered as a vessel if it is used on the water. If you do not use it on the water, it does not have to be registered as a vessel.
  • You may use an Argo when duck hunting with certain restrictions.
  • An Argo may not be driven down the bank of a river or stream and into the water; however, you may access surface waters at boating access sites.
  • You may not operate in a wetland or in a manner so as to create an erosive condition.
  • A loaded gun shall not be transported in an automobile, aircraft, motorboat or sailboat, motor bike, tractor, ORV, snowmobile or other motorized vehicle. While transporting a firearm, it must be unloaded in chamber and magazine, and enclosed in a case.
  • A person who due to injury, disease, amputation or paralysis is permanently disabled and unable to walk in a hunting situation, may apply for a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle.

To determine the regulations on federal properties, you should contact the appropriate federal agency with jurisdiction over the areas where you wish to operate