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ORV access for persons with a disability

Public Act 288 of 2016 opened up thousands of miles of Michigan's state forest roads to ORV use unless the roads are designated closed by the DNR for reasons such as safety or environmental concerns. As a result, all ORV riders have the access to operate on any open forest road using the current mapping system.

There is still an option to obtain a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle.

Please note:

  • Privileges DO NOT extend to cross-country travel or to areas closed to motorized vehicle or ORV use.
  • The exemptions DO NOT allow ORV use on designated snowmobile-only trails or state forest roads specifically posted CLOSED to motorized vehicle or ORV use.
  • All other ORV restrictions still apply, including restrictions in state game, wildlife and research areas, federal forest lands and most state parks and recreation areas.
  • Speed must be in a manner that does not degrade the environment.
  • Operation of an ORV is subject to all other licensing, requirements and restrictions.
  • These privileges may extend to one companion of the disabled person serving as operator or passenger of the disabled person's ORV if the ORV is designed for passenger use.