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Attracting frogs and toads

Although most of Michigan's amphibians are small and secretive, with just a little effort you can create a haven for them in your own yard. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Leave some leaf litter under your trees, shrubs and in the garden.
  • Encourage native ground cover, grasses and wildflowers; a finely manicured lawn is attractive to people but not to most frogs and toads or other wildlife.
  • Build a shallow pond that includes natural pond vegetation and rocks in and around. For more details call the number above.
  • Erect a toad light. A toad light is a light that is set no higher than 3 feet and is placed near a border between a garden or rockery and a lawn area. The light attracts insects on which the toads feed at night.
  • Try to discourage children and others from capturing and caging frogs and toads in your yard and elsewhere.
  • Minimize the use of pesticides and fertilizers in the yard.

For more information, view the "Frogs, Turtles & Snakes" chapter in "Managing Michigan's Wildlife: A Landowner's Guide."