2019 MCL Reports

PA 368 of 1978, MCLs 333.20155(8),(20,(21) and MCL 333.20155a(9)
2019 Bureau of Community and Health Systems - Nursing Home Licensing Report

PA 207 of 2018 - Section 512, MCL 333.27302(I) and 333.27702
FY 2018 Marijuana Regulatory Agency - Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act Statistical Report

PA 3 of 1939. MCL 460.5a - Michigan Public Service Commission
2019 Annual Report of the Michigan Public Service Commission

PA 481 of 2014 - MCL 29.19a(7) - Michigan Fire Prevention Code
2019 Bureau of Fire Services - Postsecondary Education Institution Fire Drill Report

PA 295 of 2008, Section 97(4) - Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act
2019 MI Public Service Commission Annual Report on Utility Energy Waste Reduction Programs

PA 295 of 2008, MCL 460.1051(5) - Renewable Energy Standard
2019 MI Public Service Commission Report on the Implementation and Cost-Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Standard 

PA 480 of 2006, MCL 12(2) - Uniform Video Services Franchise Act
2019 MI Public Service Commission Report on Status of Completion for Video Services in Michigan

PA 141 of 2000, MCL 460.10u - Customer Choice and Electricity Reliability Act
FY 2019 MI Public Service Commission Report on Status of Electric Competition in Michigan

PA 258 of 1974, Section 1720 as amended, MCL 330.1720
2019 Annual Statistical Report of Psychiatric Inpatient Deaths

LARA FY19 Third Party Exam Administrator Report

PA 207 of 1941 - MCL 29.24
FY2019 Bureau of Fire Services Annual Report

BCC FY 2019 Annual Report

MPSC Report on the Michigan Intrastate Switched Toll Access Restructuring Mechanism (ARM)

2019 Michigan Medical Marihuana Act Statistical Report MCL 333.26426 and Program Information Section 505

FY 2019 Report - LARA Licensing Applications Processing Report

Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Report FY19

LARA BCHS Child Care Organizations License Issuance Report FY19

Health Facility Licensing Report FY19

Psychiatric Hospitals and Units Licensing Report FY19

Medical Marihuana Operation and Oversight Grants to Counties

PA 345 of 1990 - State Survey & Remonumentation Act

PA 212 of 2013, MCL 436.1531(15), MCL 436.1531(3) Michigan Liquor Control Code
2019 Annual Report on Resort License Violations  House   Senate 

PA 212 of 2013, MCL 426.1531(15), MCL 436.1531(2) Michigan Liquor Control Code
2019 Annual Report on Resort Licenses Granted     House   Senate

PA 221 of 2015, MCL 333.17744d(6) - Michigan Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, as amended
FY 2019 Bureau of Professional Licensing Reports of Incidents of the Use of Auto-Injectable Epinephrine

BCC - 14th Biennial State Survey and Remonumentation Program Report