Who sits on the Liquor Control Commission?

  • The Liquor Control Commission is composed of five members. Two of the Liquor Control Commission members are designated as “hearing commissioners”. When a hearing is scheduled, a panel of three individuals will preside over the hearing. In addition to the two Liquor Control Commissioners, the third member of the hearing panel is an Administrative Law Judge with MAHS.

What kind of hearings do they consider?

  • Hearings are based upon a complaint that alleges a violation of the Michigan Liquor Control Code, MCL 436.1101, et seq., or rules promulgated under the Code. The commission, upon due notice and proper hearing, may suspend or revoke any license. Violation hearings are completely processed and conducted by and through Commission. The administrative rules for hearings and appeals before the Commission are found at 2004 AACS, R 436.1901, et seq.

How is MAHS involved?

  • Except for the assignment of an Administrative Law Judge to the Commission, MAHS is not involved in the licensing sanction process. The decision of the hearing panel, on which the MAHS ALJ sits, is final. A licensee does not have a right of appeal from the final determination of the commission, except by leave of the circuit court.

How can I get more information about the Liquor Control Commission?