New Vendors of Spirits

Thank you for your interest in having your spirits sold in Michigan.

The Vendor of Spirits will need to select and contact an Authorized Distributor Agent (ADA) regarding the requirements that are necessary for being authorized by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to be established as a Vendor of Spirits and market a new spirit product in Michigan.  The requirements are as follows:

  • Executed ADA contract from appointed ADA listing new item brand names(s).
  • Written request from appointed ADA, addressed to the MLCC Finance Division.
  • Vendor Representative license.

The Vendor Representative license is processed by the Licensing Division.  is required prior to issuing a username and password to access our Electronic Quotation System (E-Quote) to register product(s) (see below for Vendor Representative license application).  It is at the Vendor of Spirits' discretion if it chooses to apply for a Vendor Representative license prior to or after the decision by the Commission regarding the ADA's written request.  Contact the Licensing Division at 866-813-0011, extension #4, for assistance with the application.

After review of the required items listed above, a username and password letter will be emailed to the person licensed as your Vendor Representative to access our internet-based, paperless quotation filing system (Equote).

For further questions, you may contact Brenda Whitford at or (517) 284-6364.