Online Spirits Ordering for Retailer Licensees

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Toll-Free Helpline: 800-701-0513 - Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Coming Soon - New Online Spirits Ordering System

Welcome to the Michigan Liquor Control Commission's (MLCC) NEW online spirit ordering system.  In order to use this Internet site, you must have an active Michigan liquor license that authorizes the sale of spirits.

Need Help?
If you have questions on how the system works or comments about the service you are receiving call the MLCC Help line! The lines are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Call toll-free: 800-701-0513.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission Online Ordering System (OLO) provides licensees with electronic liquor ordering functionality.
Once the Licensee logs in, the Dashboard displays:
• Announcements
• Upcoming Delivery Date for each ADA
• Upcoming price changes
OLO Dashboard Image

Using the Shop tab, select products via product name or product code search.

Products that can be ordered with split cases are identified, and a rollover information button describes the availability. The system automatically calculates available split orders and pack sizes, which displays in the Quantity box for each product.

Each time a product selection is made in the Shop tab, the system populates the Cart tab, which holds the pending order.
OLO Shop Image

When ready to order, access the Cart tab. The total order volume, by ADA, calculates and displays. Use the cart tab to modify the order.
OLO Cart Image

When ready to complete the order, select the Review Order button. At this point, the system accesses the ADA inventory in real time and returns out of stock inventory notices. If an out of stock notice reduces an order to less than the 9-liter minimum, messages display, and the User can edit the cart to correct the issue.

Select the Checkout button when ready to submit the order to the ADA(s). When the Checkout button is selected, a confirmation email goes to the default email address and to the MLCC. The order and the Order Confirmation Number is immediately available to view in the Order tab.

Why is OLO being updated?
OLO is being updated to offer our licensees a more up to date application. Many additional features will be available to MLCC’s licensees.

I am an existing OLO user, is my log-in information the same?
Yes, the new OLO system will allow licensees to use their existing user id and passwords.

Do I need an email address?
No. However, you will be prompted to add an email address when you access the new OLO system. If you choose to add an email address to your account, you will be able to initiate a reset for your password.

I have an email address recorded in the OLO system, how do I re-set my password?
On the login page of the new OLO system, select forgot my password.

I do not have an email address recorded in the OLO system, how do I re-set my password?
Send an e-mail to: or call 1-800-701-0513 and request a password letter be sent.

I’m not sure if my order took. I don’t have e-mail (or I didn’t get an e-mail confirmation).
Any orders placed in the NEW OLO system will be available to view by selecting the orders tab in the left column of the screen.

What if I get busy with a customer in the middle of entering my order?
Items will remain in your cart until they are removed, should you need to log out of OLO, your items will not be removed from your cart.

Can I copy a previous order that I placed?
Yes. In the new OLO system our licensees will be able to copy items from an already confirmed order. Copying an order will place all items from the previous order into a new cart . To copy an order, select the order button in the left column and scroll down to the desired order. Select the copy order link.