Administrative Services Division

  • Contact the Administrative Services Division
    Phone: 517-241-9303
    Fax: 517-241-0130

    The Administrative Services Division (ASD) is responsible for the bureau's budget, fees, internal controls, personnel oversight, performance reporting, document management, promulgation of administrative rules, legislation, publication of the bureau's newsletter, training approvals, Freedom of Information Act Requests, and providing administrative support to the bureau's administration staff and its boards and commissions.  Additionally, ASD is responsible for the delegation of plan review and inspection authority for schools, processing applications to administer and enforce the code, and processing requests for assistance from local enforcing agencies.

Administer and Enforce Construction Codes

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

  • FOIA Requests for bureau records must be submitted through the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' FOIA Office.

    NOTE: List Requests must be submitted as FOIA Requests.

Administrative Rules, Codes, Public Acts & Standards