Michigan Administrative Hearing System Frequently Asked Questions

  • DISCLAIMER: "The answers provided are not meant to be a substitute for legal advice."

    1. How do I contact the Michigan Administrative Hearing System?

    The main office of the Michigan Administrative Hearing System, please call 517-335-2484. There is also often a local hearing site phone and fax number listed on the Notice of Hearing.

    2. Who will hear my Appeal?

    An Administrative Law Judge from the Michigan Administrative Hearing System will hear your appeal.

    3. How will I be notified of a hearing date after I have filed my Request for Hearing?

    A Notice of Hearing will be mailed to you at the address you provide on your appeal. The Notice of Hearing will include the date, time and location of the scheduled hearing. It is your responsibility to notify the Michigan Administrative Hearing System if your address changes.

    4. Where will my hearing be held?

    Your Notice of Hearing will indicate whether your hearing will be conducted via telephone or, if not by telephone, the specific location of the hearing.

    5. What if I cannot attend my hearing?

    You may request an adjournment (postponement) of the hearing. The request MUST be in writing and no verbal requests for adjournment will be granted. Please mail the request for adjournment to the address at the top of your Notice of Hearing or fax your request to the fax number listed on the Notice of Hearing.

    6. Do I have to have an attorney for my hearing?

    You may represent yourself at a hearing and you always have the right to have an attorney (at your own expense). In some cases, advocates may be available to represent you.

    7. What should I bring to the hearing?

    You can bring any documents that you think will help you prove your case. You MUST bring a copy for yourself, a copy for the other party, and a copy for the Administrative Law Judge. The Michigan Administrative Hearing System will not make copies for you. The Administrative Law Judge will make the final decision of what evidence to admit to the record. If you are scheduled for a telephone hearing, you must submit your documents prior to the hearing, as explained on your Notice of Hearing. If you have witnesses, they should accompany you to the hearing.

    8. Can I send evidence, motions or exceptions using email?

    No. At this time, all submissions to the Michigan Administrative Hearing System must be faxed or mailed.

    9. How am I notified of the Decision?

    In most cases the Administrative Law Judge will not make a decision regarding your case at the hearing. You will receive a written Proposal for Decision, Final Order or a Decision and Order from the Michigan Administrative Hearing System in the mail.

    10. What if I disagree with the Proposal for Decision, Final Order or a Decision and Order?

    If you receive a Proposal for Decision and disagree with the Findings of Fact or Conclusions of Law, you may file Exceptions. Instructions for filing Exceptions will be included in the Proposal for Decision. If you receive a Final Decision or Decision and Order, please refer to the instructions at the end of the order to determine what your next steps would be if you disagree with the decision made in your case.