Fireworks Program
  • Fireworks Program

    FireworksIn December 2011, Governor Rick Snyder signed P.A. 256 of 2011, Michigan Fireworks Safety Act, which allows the sale and use of consumer-grade fireworks in Michigan. LARA/Bureau of Fire Services have been given the responsibility of administering and enforcing the Fireworks Safety Act and the promulgated Fireworks General Safety rules to ensure retail locations throughout the State of Michigan comply with nationally accepted standards for the retail sale of consumer and low-impact fireworks, specifically the National Fire Protection Association Standards 101 and 1124.

    All fees generated as part of the program are allocated to support the operation of the program and the training of the State's approximately 34,500 Fire Fighters.

    2019 Fireworks Season.  Click on this link to apply: 2019 Consumer Fireworks Application and Low Impact Registration. The process is the same as last year using the Accela program.