Adult Foster Care and Homes for the Aged Facilities Closed or Suspended Due to Disciplinary Action

This list only includes adult foster care and homes for the aged facilities from the past five years that have had a license revoked, suspended or administratively closed or the department refused to renew it. An administrative closure occurs when the department agrees to allow closure of a license despite unresolved disciplinary issues.

Per MCL 400.713(10), if the department has revoked, suspended or refused to renew a person's license for an adult foster care facility according to section 22, the department may refuse to issue a license to or renew a license of that person for a period of five years after the suspension, revocation or nonrenewal of the license.

If you would like additional information on a facility, including a copy of the notice of intent, settlement agreement or final order closing the license you may submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Go to the FOIA page for instructions on how to submit a request.

The first two letters of license number indicate the facility type:
AF - Family home (capacity 1-6).
AG - Congregate family (capacity less than 20).
AI - County infirmary.
AM - Medium group home (capacity 7-12).
AS - Small group home (capacity 1-6).
AL - Large group home (capacity 13-20).
AH - Homes for the aged.


License Number

Name of Facility Location Closure Date Closure Reason
AS820384314 Grayson Family Living 8567 Littlefield, Detroit 04/25/2019 Refusal to Renew
AS780317552 Oliver House # 9 209 W. Oliver Street, Owosso 04/23/2019 Revocation
AF780314490 Oliver Adult Foster Care - 7 207 W. Oliver Street, Owosso 04/23/2019 Revocation
AF800317471 Best Care 27851 M140 Hwy, Covert 04/09/2019 Revocation
AM410382191 Collingwood Afc 2022 Collingwood Ave, Wyoming 04/09/2019 Revocation
AS630339227 Southgate 29224 Southgate, Southfield 04/04/2019 Revocation
AS820260636 Inkster House 9060 Inkster Road, Redford 03/27/2019 Revocation
AM800362422 Hendrickson House 2019 W. Delaware Street, Decatur 02/26/2019 Revocation
AS630075962 Mt. Vernon Group Home 16300 Mt Vernon 01/15/2019 Revocation
AS630278634 Mt Vernon West 16320 Mt Vernon 01/15/2019 Revocation
AF400318189 Johnson's AFC 2748 Plum Valley Rd. NE 01/11/2019 Revocation
AF730344500 Woodworth 7860 Ash Street 01/08/2019 Revocation
AS200318736 Three Oaks AFC 1086 S. AuSable Trail 01/08/2019 Revocation
AS820379199 Royalty Care 12610 Riverdale Ave 01/08/2019 Refusal to Renew
AS630381583 Ford-Hill Group Home 2851 Auburn Rd. 12/12/2018 Refused to Renew
AS630081335 Carters White House 1288 Essay Lane 12/04/2018 Revocation
AF750337103 Dear Country AFC 31550 Townline Rd 11/14/2018 Revocation
AF390084558 Wright Kare II 10564 North 16th St 10/26/2018 Revocation
AF630338810 Ahava Adult Foster Care 5670 Greer Road, West Bloomfield 10/17/2018 Revocation Stayed on Appeal
AS820385187 Victoria Home 4101 Moore Street, Inkster 10/17/2018 Revocation
AS820015388 Geddes Road AIS Home 44744 Geddes Road, Canton 10/09/2018 Revocation
AS630312997 Terova Home 2448 Terova, Troy 10/01/2018 Revocation
AS630299518 Helpquest Fragile Care 1 24650 Republic, Oak Park 09/14/2018 Refulsal to renew
AS630315235 Helpquest Fragile Care 3 25121 Orchard Grove, Southfield 09/14/2018 Refusal to renew
AS820070282 My Girlfriend'S Place 18083 Wisconsin, Detroit 08/21/2018 Revocation
AS730316616 Heavenly Realm 2 230 S 10th Street, Saginaw 08/20/2018 Refusal to renew
AS730337327 Heavenly Realm 3 1322 Lamson St., Saginaw 08/20/2018 Refusal to renew
AS330337737 Still Well AFC II 3820 Jerree, Lansing 08/11/2018 Revocation
AF730366832 Open Arms 2800 Court, Saginaw 08/07/2018 Revocation
AM130007939 Bates South Avenue A.F.C 55 South Avenue, Battle Creek 07/20/2018 Revocation
AM410316825 44th St. Home Care 2720 44th St., Kentwood 07/10/2018 Revocation
AH490353181 Cedar Ridge 255 S. Airport Road, St. Ignace 06/17/2018 Revocation
AH630289379 Grovecrest Assisted Living 121 Prall Street, Pontiac 05/15/2018 Revocation
AF320273417 Bensinger's AFC Home 417 East Huron Avenue, Bad Axe 05/14/2018 Revocation
AF810366263 Jefferson II 810 Jefferson, Ypsilanti 05/08/2018 Revocation
AM110007865 Twin Creeks AFC 2804 North 5th Stree, Niles 05/07/2018 Revocation
AS820255249 Graham Manor 104 Massachusetts, Highland Park 05/07/2018 Refusal to renew
AS820267699 Icona AFC 17735 Pierson, Detroit 05/04/2018 Refusal to renew
AS410299024 Embracing Life AFC 1405 Forrester Dr. SE, Grand Rapids 05/03/2018 Revocation
AS250313228 Life and Times AFC 8154 Richfield Rd., Davison 03/30/2018 Revocation
AS820303545 Fairfield Residential Care 16554 Fairfield, Detroit 03/19/2018 Revocation
AF630310790 Dogwood Manor 6350 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford 03/13/2018 Revocation
AS500379044 Chapman 40290 Ryan Road, Sterling Heights 03/01/2018 Revocation
AF160001387 Wintergreen AFC 711 Morrow Rd, Afton 01/18/2018 Revocation
AM820065141 Robinson Adult Home Care Inc. 7027 Chatfield, Detroit 12/07/2017 Refusal to renew
AM810293523 Cross Common Assisted Living, Inc. 1241 E. Cross, Ypsilanti 12/05/2017 Revocation
Estabrooks Havencrest
9259 Sandyside Street, White Lake
11/01/2017 Revocation
AS710311505 Daults AFC 13600 Grand Lake Road 10/26/2017 Revocation
AL340085049 E Bluewater AFC 3935 E Bluewater Highway 10/25/2017 Revocation
AM700074145 Cedarview AFC 5005 32nd Avenue 10/19/2017 Revocation
AF800301297 Lydia's Foster Home 210 W. Delaware Street 10/17/2017 Revocation
AS630305515 Swanson's AFC Home, Inc. #2 19244 W. 9 Mile Rd., Southfield 09/28/2017 Refusal to renew
AF130001149 Beadle Lake AFC Home 1775 Monroe Beach, Battle Creek 09/27/2017 Revocation
AS160311979 Modoc 4928 Modoc Road, Indian River 09/21/2017 Revocation
AF130075846 Wentworth Center 249 Wentworth, Battle Creek 09/12/2017 Revocation
AS130323885 Creekstone Cottage 2496 SW Capital Avenue, Battle Creek 09/12/2017 Revocation
AM250082393 Clifford St. AFC Home 2039 Clifford, Flint 09/09/2017 Revocation
AS330293940 Emmanuel AFC 6101 Norburn Way, Lansing 08/29/2017 Revocation
AS330361932 Kekelis AFC Home III 3136 Harper Road, Mason 08/23/2017 Revocation
AS630360466 JR&R Community Living Services LLC 23731 Radclift, Oak Park 08/04/2017 Revocation
AS630337986 Heart To Heart AFC Home 25140 Waycross, Southfield 08/01/2017 Refusal to renew
AL190080685 Prestige Pines Memory Lane 1177 W Solon Road, Dewitt 07/31/2017 Revocation
AM120314997 Country Meadows AFC LLC 912 S. Kelley Road, Montgomery 07/03/2017 Revocation
AS820357220 Delleh Quality Home Services 401 East Rose Ave, Garden City 06/30/2017 Refusal to renew
AS320273757 Hearts Faith AFC 3105 Rescue Road, Bad Axe 06/23/2017 Revocation
AF750330392 Nora AFC Home 59296 Noah Lake Road, Three Rivers 06/02/2017 Revocation
AF740092070 Mason Meadows Adult Foster Care 8189 Mason, Yale 05/24/17 Administratively Closed
AF610285207 Donna's View 2140 Jefferson, Muskegon Heights 05/24/17 Revoked
AS630275064 Willis House 2317 Hedge, Waterford 05/24/17 Revoked
AF540078838 Whipple AFC 10755 14 Mile Road, Rodney 05/19/17 Revoked
AS500286652 Huntington Homes 26280 Huntington, Roseville 05/12/17 Revoked
AS730359386 Heavenly Realm 1 2236 Hammel Street, Saginaw 05/02/17 Revoked
 Updated 05/15/2019