Welcome to MiPlus

  • Welcome to MiPlus

    The Michigan Professional Licensing User System (MiPLUS) is the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Professional Licensing's new online licensing and regulatory database application for health and occupational professionals in Michigan.

    • Applicants can now apply online, track the status of their application, and receive electronic notifications
    • Licensees are able to renew and modify their existing licensing information
    • Verify the status of a licensed professional
    • File a complaint against a licensed professional or report a change in staff privileges
  • Important Notes for Using MiPLUS

    • MiPLUS supports all major internet browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.  If any issues occur while using one browser. We encourage you to switch to a different browser and try again.
    • We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer to complete the registration and renewal process.
    • Please review the videos or print out the instructions on how to "How to Register an Account in MiPLUS" and "Renew Your License" before calling or emailing as they might answer your questions.
    • You must register an account in the new MIPLUS licensing system BEFORE you try to renew your license.
    • When registering an account please use the name exactly as it appears on your current license.  This will allow the system to find your current license and avoid having to contact the Department to link your account and your license.
    • If once you register an account and login your license does not show up for renewal do not submit an application for a new license.  Please contact the Department so we can link your account to your license.
    • The application and renewal process requires payment with a credit or debit card - Visa, Mastercard or Discover. (American Express is not accepted)
    • While NEW license applications can take up to 6 to 8 weeks, renewals are generally completed within a few days.
    • If you receive an error that says either your email address or user name are already in use by an existing  Citizen Access account you can still use the same email address or user name by following the instructions found HERE
    • Changing your name as part of the renewal process WILL slow down your renewal as name change documents have to be reviewed by staff before your renewal is processed.  Renew your license first and then follow the steps to “Modify a License” to change your name.  While your renewal license will have your old name, when you “Modify Your License” a free copy of a license with your new name will be emailed to you.  (hard copies are $10)
    • Businesses (for example real estate brokers, pharmacies, barber shops and cosmetology shops) received a PIN letter in the mail. Please wait to receive your PIN letter and instructions before setting up your MiPLUS Account.  For instructions on using your PIN for pharmacies click HERE and for other businesses click HERE.

    • At this time if you would like to change your address on your Controlled Substance license, please send an email to BPLHelp@michigan.gov.  All other license address changes can be processed by doing a “Modification” in MiPLUS.
    • To apply for relicensure, log into MiPLUS then select "Modification" next to your license number and then select "Relicensure."

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    This video will walk you through how to change your name, address, ordering a reprint, or adding a specialty to your license.


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