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House Legislation 2015-2016

2015-2016 House Enrolled Legislation - LARA

  • House Bill 4286 of 2015 - Amends section 13p of the Code of Criminal Procedure of 1927 PA 175 to establish repercussion for a certain violation of the Michigan Unarmed Combat Regulatory Act.  (Tie-barred with Senate Bill 152 of 2015 PA 183).
    PA 184 of 2015

  • House Bill 4581 of 2015 - Amends section 205 of the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998 to increase from $7.50 to $8.25 the maximum fee that Liquor Control Commission may pay to a vendor of spirits to offset the costs incurred by the vendor of spirits in contracting with an authorized distribution agent to warehouse and deliver spirits to retailers.
    PA 246 of 2015

  • House Bill 4362 of 2015 - Amends section 418.611 (2) of the Workers' Disability Compensation Act, of 1969, PA 317 by addressing and clarifying the ownership of surplus assets of the self-insurer group approved by the Workers' Compensation Agency. It also requires the trustees of self-insurer groups, acting in the fiduciary capacity to establish processes and procedures for the distribution of excess assets with the approval of the Director.
    PA 195 of 2015

  • House Bill 4134 of 2015 - Amends sections 2, 4 and 13d of the Boiler Act of 1965, PA 290, to allow military experience to be used towards boiler licensure or registration requirements. In addition, the legislation requires changes to existing administrative rules. 
    PA 191 of 2015

  • House Bill 4263 of 2015 - Amends the Public Health Code PA 368 of 1978 by adding multiple sections affecting fees and continuing education requirements for athletic trainers.
    PA 166 of 2015

  • House Bill 4119 of 2015- Amends Section 4012 of the Revised Judicature Act, 1961 PA 236, which governs the writs of garnishments of periodic payments.  Allows an employer to garnish an employee's wages without authorization if the employer is court ordered to pay part of an employee's debt under section 4012(4) of the Revised Judicature Act of 1961.  Requires an employer (garnishee) to be served the writ of garnishment and requires the employer to either begin making the garnishments from the employee or be liable for the garnishment.  (Tie-barred with HB 4120
    PA 14 of 2015

  • House Bill 4120 of 2015 - Amends Section 7 of the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act, PA 390 of 1978 by adding language to allow an employer to garnish an employee's wages without authorization if the employer is court ordered to pay part of an employee's debt under section 4012(4) of the Revised Judicature Act of 1961.  (Tie-barred to HB 4119)
    PA 15 of 2015

  • House Bill 4162 of 2015 - Amends Section 2 of the Elevator Licensing Act, 1976 PA 33 to exempt residential stairway chairlift and residential platform lift requirements that are subject to Section 14a of the Elevator Safety Act. (Tie-barred to HB 4163)
    PA 34 of 2015

  • House Bill 4163 of 2015 - Amends Sections 3, 4, and 15 of the Elevator Safety Board Act, 1967 PA 227, and adds Section 14a to the Act to exempt a residential stairway chairlift or residential platform lift from the terms "elevator" and "incline lift.  (Tie-barred to HB 4162)
    PA 35 of 2015
  • House Bill 4054 of 2015 - Amends Sections 2,4,16,17,43 and 48 of the Mobile Home Commission Act, PA 96 of1987. Also adds sections 48b and 50.  The bill would modify and create additional provisions concerning health and safety requirements for mobile home parks and references the department(s) in respect to powers and duties; establishes criteria for determining distressed parks and and requires communication between agencies to ensure the appropriate agency takes action on non-compliant issues under their authority.
    PA 40 of 2015
  • House 4245 of 2015 - Amends the Building Officials and Inspectors Registration Act, PA 54 of 1986, by adding section 9(4). Section 9(4) states employment by an enforcing agency is not a requirement for registration as a building official, inspector or plan reviewer.
    PA 88 of 2015
  • House Bill 4444 of 2015 - Amends the Mental Health Code, PA  258 of 1974, by eliminating the psychiatric  partial hospitalization program, adjust fees for psychiatric hospitals, and establishes a fee sunset.
    PA 59 of 2015
  • House Bill 4447 of 2015 - Amends the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, by amending provisions relative to substance use disorder services licensure, clinical laboratories, the quality assurance assessment program (QAAP); and alters fees for various licenses.
    PA 104 of 2015
  • House Bills 4363, 4364, 4381, 4382, 4383, 4384, 4397, 4398, and 4399 - Amends the State Plumbing Act, State License Fee Act, Electrical Administrative Act, Building Officials and Inspectors Registration Act, Nonprofit Corporation Act, Business Corporation Act, Uniform Securities Act and the Limited Liability Company Act, to extend occupational fee sunset dates from 2015 to 2019.
    HB 4363 - PA 62 of 2015
    HB 4364 - PA 74 of 2015
    HB 4381 - PA 75 of 2015
    HB 4382 - PA 63 of 2015
  • HB 4383 - PA 64 of 2015
    HB 4384 - PA 65 of 2015
    HB 4397 - PA 66 of 2015
    HB 4398 - PA 67 of 2015
    HB 4399 - PA 68 of 2015

  • House Bill 4537 of 2015 - Creates the Civil Air Patrol Employment Protection Act to protect emergency civil air patrol service members form adverse employment action due to employee absence.
    PA 75 of 2016

  • House Bill 4813 of 2015 - amends the Electrical Administrative Act of 1956 PA 217, Section 3e by adjusting the ratio of electrical apprentices to journeymen and allowing the board to approve any bona fide apprenticeship training program. 
    PA 73 of 2016

  • House Bill 5107 of 2015 - Creates the Human Trafficking Notification Act.  Requires human trafficking notices to be posted at State of Michigan (or local units of government) rest stops and welcome facilities; adult entertainment establishments, public airports as well as bus/rail stations operated by local units of government. Includes postings on property found to constitute a public nuisance due to prostitution or human trafficking.  Would allow the Department to impose administrative fines for noncompliance of the posting requirement. 
    PA 62 of 2016

  • House Bill 4209 of 2015 - Creates the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act and establishes a license and regulatory framework which allow for licenses to be issued to/for the following purposes:  Growers, Processors, Secure Transporters, Provisioning Centers and Safety Compliance Facility, for medical marihuana.  Tie-barred to House Bill 4827: The Marihuana Tracking Act.
    PA 281 of 2016

  • House Bill 4210 of 2015 - Amends the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act of 2008, IL 1, to allow for the manufacture and use of marihuana-infused products by qualifying patients and manufacture and transfer of such products by primary caregivers to their patients.
    PA 283 of 2016

  • House Bill 5070 of 2015 - Amends the MIOSH Act of 1974, PA 154, amending the definition of "employer" under Section 5(2) of the MIOSH Act to render a franchisee who provides benefits and wages as the sole employer of workers under the Act.
    PA 17 of 2016

  • House Bill 5072 of 2015 - Amends the Workforce Opportunity Wage Act of 2014, PA 138, amending the definition of "employer" found in Section 2 by making the Franchisee the sole employer of workers for whom the Franchisee provides benefit plans or pay wages.
    PA 19 of 2016

  • House Bill 4408 of 2015 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 362, adding in section 18813 to include continuing education requirements and furnish the Department with evidence upon seeking renewal of a veterinarian's license or a veterinary technician's license during the preceding three years.
    PA 47 od 2016

  • House Bill 4792 of 2015 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, to allow a licensed physician from another state to provide medical services to certain team members while the athletic team is traveling to and from, or participating in, a sporting event in Michigan.  Under certain criteria, they will not be required to hold a Michigan license.
    PA 60 of 2016

  • House Bill 4999 of 2015 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, article 7 (Controlled Substances) and Article 15 (Occupations).  Section 16192 allows the Department to communicate by email upon written authorization by the licensee, Section 16349 increases fees to keep the licensing program self-sustaining and Section 17751 clarifies out of state licensed veterinarians can prescribe controlled substances to be filled in Michigan pharmacies.
    PA 49 of 2016

  • House Bill 4598 of 2015- Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368 by adding section 16326 and part 17101 to establish licensure requirements for the practice of midwifery.  Following the effective date of promulgated rules, an applicant must have completed an accredited educational midwifery program as approved by the board and hold a national credential of certified professional midwife or equivalent credential.  Allows for a two-year nonrenewable temporary license for current midwives to be able to comply with this requirement. 
    PA 417 of 2016

  • House Bill 4637 of 2015 - Creates the new Transportation Network Company Act  (TNC) a/k/a Uber & Lyft Ride-Sharing.  Requires licensure for the fleet of limousines, taxicabs and the administration of TCN in the State of Michigan.
    PA 345 of 2016

  • House Bill 4641 of 2015 - Amends the Michigan Vehicle Code of 1949, PA 300 to accommodate the new requirements to limousine drivers, taxicab drivers and Transportation Network Companies (herein: TNC drivers per the "Limousine, Taxicab and Transportation Network Company Act".
    PA 348 of 2016

  • House Bill 5001 of 2015 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, section 17959 to revise educational requirements for massage therapy licensure.  This amendment will increase the hours required for licensure for individuals enrolled in a massage educational program on or after August 1, 2017.  For individuals enrolled in a massage educational program prior to August 1, 2017, the requirement will remain at 500 hours.
    PA 371 of 2016

  • House Bill 5400 of 2016 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, to establish a definition for an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in the Public Health Code and authorizes the scope of practice functions.  The Act creates an additional specialty certification designation for APRNs (clinical nurse specialist) and provides a definition of 'advanced practice registered nurse' with specific scope of practice functions. Allows an APRN to independently prescribe a nonscheduled prescription drug and to prescribe a controlled substance under the delegation of a physician. 
    PA 499 of 2016

  • House Bill 5533 of 2016 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, to eliminate the requirement for a Physician's Assistance (PA) to practice under the delegation of a physician and remove statutory ratios for how many PAs a physician can supervise.  Allows PAs to practice without supervision provided there is a practice agreement with a physician. 
    PA 379 of 2016

  • House Bill 5774 of 2016 - Amends the Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act of 1979, PA 218, requiring notice to local governmental officials when there is a closure of an adult foster care facility. Requires LARA's Bureau of Community and Health Systems and Bureau of Fire Services to notify local governmental officials when an emergency closure of an adult foster care facility occurs.  Accommodates the contracting of services by the Bureau of Fire Services to the fire marshal of a city whose population base is a minimum of 600,000 people. 
    PA 525 of 2016

  • House Bill 5877 of 2016 - Amends the Public Health Code of 1978, PA 368, to allow a pharmacy, owned and operated by a hospital, to operate at another hospital affiliated location an automated device, such as a Pyxis MedStation.  These devices perform activities related to the storage, packaging, dispensing, or delivery of a drug.  The legislation requires the device to be under the control and supervision of the pharmacist in charge (PIC) of the pharmacy, however, the PIC could delegate various administrative tasks associated with the operation of the device.  The operation of the automated device is limited to licensed health professionals. 
    PA 528 of 2016

  • House Bill 5071 of 2016 - Amends the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act of 1978, PA 390, by amending the definition of 'Employer' found in Section 1, limiting the scope of the definition of employer in the context of a franchise.  Making the franchisee the sole employer of workers for whom the franchisee provides benefit plans or pay wages.
    PA 18 of 2016

  • House Bill 4827 of 2015 - Creates the new Marihuana Tracking Act.  The Act requires the establishment of a "seed-to-sale" system to track marihuana grown, processed, transferred, stored, or disposed of under the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act (House Bill 4209). Bills are tie-barred.
    PA 282 of 2016

  •  House Bill 4895 of 2015 - Amends section 541 of the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998, PA 58, under which a specially designated merchant (SDM) or specially designated distributor (SDD) may own or operate motor vehicle fuel pumps on or adjacent to the licensed premises.   
    PA 84 of 2015

  • House Bill 5073 of 2016 - Amends section 41 of the Michigan Employment Security Act of 1936 PA 1 clarifying the franchisee and franchisor responsibility for contributions and benefits. 
    PA 20 of 2016

  • House Bill 5257 of 2016 - Amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998, PA 58, by allowing for unpaid social media to advertise: on-premises brand promotion; beer/wine/spirits tastings; and product location communications - so long as they all remain within accordance of applicable laws and regulations.
    PA 106 of 2016

  • House Bill 5192 of 2016 - Amends the Occupational Code of 1980, PA 299, by revising the definition of attest and the scope of practice for accountancy, and further specify the activities a firm may perform without having to obtain licensure.
    PA 76 of 2016

  • House Bill 5512 of 2016 - Amends the Michigan Energy Assistance Act of 2012, PA 615 by extending the sunset to September 30, 2019.  This act does not apply after this date.
    PA 147 of 2016

  • House Bill 5164 of 2016 - Amends the Land Division Act of 1967, PA 288, revising the fee collected for the final plat.
    PA 231 of 2016

  • House Bill 4814 of 2015 - Creates the new Electronic Open Access to Government Act by requiring all public employees and officers to post organization charts for each department.   
    PA 370 of 2016

  • House Bill 5842 - 5846 of 2016 - Amends the Michigan Indigent Defense Commission Act of 2013, PA 93, by reestablishing the Michigan Indigent Criminal Defense Commission within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs,
    HB 5842 - PA 439 of 2016
    HB 5843 - PA 440 of 2016
    HB 5844 - PA 441 of 2016
    HB 5845 - PA 442 of 2016
    HB 5846 - PA 443 of 2016