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Senate Legislation 2011-2012

  • Senate Bill 5 of 2011 - Provides for Liquor Control Commission to create a catering permit allowing the sale and delivery of beer, wine and spirits for existing licensees
    PA 20 of 2011 

    Senate Bill 100 - Fix "Sunday Morning Liquor Sales"
    PA 27 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 20 - Prohibit Promulgation of Rules or Standards Regarding Workplace Ergonomics
    PA 10 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 24 of 2011 - Amends the Michigan Insurance Code - Premium Finance Companies
    PA 75 of 2011 

    Senate Bill 245 - Residence Inclined Elevator For Beach Access to Great Lakes
    PA 48 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 263 - License Exemption of Out of State Athletic Trainers
    PA 26 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 287 of 2011 - Amends the Motor Carrier Act to eliminate exemptions from regulation under the act for vehicles transporting motor vehicles. 
    PA 111 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 333 of 2011 - (Tie-barred with SB 350 HB 4749). Senate Bill 333 - Amends the Public Health code by requiring electronic tracking of sale of products containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Beginning January 1, 2012 requires a retailer - before completing a sale - to electronically submit the required information to the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEX) administered by the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI) at no cost for using the system.
    PA 84 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 350 of 2011 - (Tie-barred with SB 333 and HB 4749). Senate Bill 350 amends the Public Health Code to make it a criminal offense to use or attempt to use a false identification to purchase a product containing any compound, mixture, or preparations containing any detectable quantity of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine or a salt or isomer of either.
    PA 85 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 398 of 2011 - Amends revised Judicature Act, Foreclosure by Advertisement, by extending sunset provision by 6 months (July 5, 2011 until January 5, 2012), ability for modification of residential mortgage loans to occur.
    PA 72 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 446 of 2011 - Amends Public Employee Health Benefit Act. Clarifies health care claims utilization and cost information requirements and provides public employers with additional and more specific information. Requires public employer or pooled plan to obtain 4 bids from different carriers when renewing or continuing a medical benefit claim.
    PA 93 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 43 of 2011 - Residential mortgage fraud.
    PA 205 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 212 of 2011 - Fire fighter training for 16-year olds.
    PA 153 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 213 of 2011 - Removes the prohibition on dispensing a controlled substance prescription received electronically from a dentist who is licensed in another state.
    PA 155 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 249 of 2011 - Crimes; fraud; value thresholds for crime of false pretenses.
    PA 201 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 250 of 2011 - Revise to increase penalties in criminal sentencing guidelines for crime of false pretenses for residential mortgage fraud. 
    PA 202 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 251 of 2011 - Revise statute of limitations for certain crimes relating to real property.
    PA 203 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 271 of 2011 - Amends section 45 of Administrative Procedures Act.
    PA 242 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 272 of 2011 - Amends sections 40 and 64 of Administrative Procedures Act.
    PA 243 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 273 of 2011 - Amends section 2 of the Administrative Procedures Act.
    PA 244 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 274 of 2011 - Amends sections 35 and 45a of the Administrative Procedures Act.
    PA 245 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 276 of 2011 - Add sections 45b and 122 of Administrative Procedures Act.
    PA 247 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 331 of 2011 - Liquor control; elimination of an exclusive tax for off-premises retailers.
    PA 166 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 806 of 2011 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act.
    PA 269 of 2011 

  • Senate Bill 702 of 2011 - Amends the Public Health Code by requiring individuals applying for a health professional license or registration to undergo a criminal background check and submit fingerprints.
    PA 49 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 874 of 2011 - Amends the Liquor Control Code by changing the time frame for which a local governmental unit can request a revocation or suspension of an off-premises liquor license issued to a licensee in their community from a single calendar year to a consecutive 12-month period.  This act also reduces the population threshold from 750,000 to 600,000 for a municipality to qualify for the exception to the provision that requires approval of the local legislative body where the business is located before the MLCC can approved the application for an on-premises liquor license.
    PA 82 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 864 of 2011 - Amends the Public Service Commission Law, PA 3 of 1939.  Creates the "Vulnerable Household Warmth Fund" within the State Treasury, and require money from the fund, upon  appropriation, to be used to pay heating bills for a vulnerable customer's primary residence during the 2011-2012 heating season.  It also restricts the amount that may be accumulated in the fund.
    PA 274 of 2011

  • Senate Bills 414, 415 and 981 of 2012 - Provides for insurance coverage for the treatment of Autism, creation of the Incentive Program Reimbursing Insurance Carriers for Coverage for Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism.
    PA 99PA 100 and PA 101 of 2012

  • Senate bill 499 of 2012 - Amends the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act.  Requires the authorized installation of telecommunication facilities under certain circumstances.
    PA 138 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 462 of 2012 - Amends Part 217 of the Public Health Code by removing "becomes aware" and replacing it with "reasonable suspicions" of abuse, mistreatment, or neglect in nursing homes.
    PA 174 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1064 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Zoning Enabling Act by prohibiting local units of government from requiring wireless providers wishing to co-locate facilities on existing wireless towers from obtaining special use permits or paying additional fees under certain circumstances. 
    PA 143 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 721 and 722 - Senate Bill 721 creates the Plastic Bulk Merchandise Container Act and Senate Bill 722 amends the Code of Criminal Procedure to prescribe misdemeanor penalty for violation of the Act.
    PA 186 and PA 187 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 193 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act.  Provides enhanced penalties in the law in order to confirm the policy that repeat offenders are to be treated more harshly, including the possibility of loss of licensure and losing the opportunity to continue to do business in Michigan.
    PA 257 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 570 of 2012 - Amends the Stille-DeRossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act by allowing a dwelling unit to be considered to comply with the Michigan Uniform Energy Code if the walls are constructed of a minimum of 5 inch diameter logs, a weighted average u factor of 0.31 for fenestration and a high efficiency heating system is installed. 
    PA 264 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1085 of 2012 - Amends the Fair and Open Competition in Governmental Construction Act by adding a statement of legislative intent, that provides for more "economical, nondiscriminatory, neutral, and efficient procurement of construction-related goods and services."  Adds language that prohibits a contractor from voluntarily entering into or complying with an agreement with a labor organization.
    PA 238 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1107 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act, section 13m, by changing the look- back period for a client of a PEO from 12 quarters to eight quarters through December 31, 2013.  
    PA 219 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1106 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act, section 46, by striking the provisions that limits unemployment insurance benefits for individuals who work for family-owned businesses.  This Act entitles claimants to the maximum of 20 weeks of unemployment benefits.  It also removes the language restricting the use of wages earned from a family owned business to establish a benefit year.
    PA 218 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1094 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act by adding new sections to permit employers and the Unemployment Insurance Agency to enter into "work share" agreements.
    PA 216 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 8 and Senate Bill 9 of 2012 (Tie-barred) - Senate Bill 8 Creates the "Municipal Partnership Act" to allow for 2 or more local governments and a public agency to enter into a contract to form a joint endeavor.  Senate Bill 9 amends the "Public Employment Relations Act" (PERA) to state that the provisions of the Act would be subject to the Municipal Partnership Act in Senate Bill 8, Urban Cooperation Act - PA 7 of 1967 and the Emergency Services Municipalities Act - PA 57 of 1988.
    Senate Bill 8 - PA 258 of 2011 
    Senate Bill 9 - PA 259 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 215 of 2012 - Amends section 732 of Public Act 185 of 1957 "County Department and Board of Public Works" to allow for the expansion of membership on country public works boards.
    PA 110 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 281 of 2011 - Creates the "Bowling Center Act" and  provides immunity to a bowling center, under certain circumstances.
    PA 221 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 374 of 2011 - Amends the "Municipal Health Facilities Corporations Act" by requiring the remaining board members to fill vacancies of a trustee whose term has expired or otherwise became vacant. 
    PA 195 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 384 of 2011 - Amends the Public Health Code by allowing physician's assistants to prescribe Schedule 2 controlled substances; sign various prescriptions in lieu of the physician on various forms such as school physicals, orders for physical therapy, etc.; make calls or go on rounds without restrictions on time or frequency of visits by the physician; require drug dispensing providers and pharmacists to include the name of the physician's assistant on labels and receipts if the drug is dispensed under the prescriber's delegating authority.
    PA 210 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 483 and Senate Bill 484 of 2011 (Tie-barred to SB 806) - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act by creating the  Employment Security Financing Act and permitting the Michigan Finance Authority (MFA) to issue revenue bonds, if requested by the Director of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), under certain circumstances.
    Senate Bill 483 - PA 267 of 2011
    Senate Bill 484 - PA 268 of 2011

  • Senate Bills 485, 486, 487, 488, 489, 490, 491, 492 -The bills amend "Home Rule City Act", "County Boards of Commissioners Act", "Charter Counties Act", "Optional Unified Form of County Government", "Charter Township Act", "Home Rule Village Act", "Powers and Duties of Townships Act", "General Law Village Act" by prohibiting a local unit of government from adopting minimum staffing requirements for local unit employees, in a charter, ordinance, or resolution.  Each bill applies the same prohibition to a different form of local government.   
    Senate Bill 485 - PA 133 of 2011
    Senate Bill 486 - PA 134 of 2011
    Senate Bill 487 - PA 135 of 2011
    Senate Bill 488 - PA 136 of 2011
    Senate Bill 489 - PA 137 of 2011
    Senate Bill 490 - PA 138 of 2011
    Senate Bill 491 - PA 139 of 2011
    Senate Bill 492 - PA 140 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 493 of 2011 - Amends the Public Employment Relations Act (PERA), to provide that certain subjects relating to consolidation agreements by public employers are prohibited subjects of bargaining. 
    PA 260 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 502 of 2011 - Amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998 (Code) and creates a new Section 513a which allows the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) to issue a license for the on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages to the governing board of a community college or public university that operates an accredited culinary or hospitality program for activities that further the university's or community college's academic mission.  The bill also includes a subsection to allow the MLCC to issue a license to a private entity for an outdoor stadium on land leased from Lake Michigan College.
    PA 249 of 2011

  • Senate Bill 884 of 2012 - Amends the Public Health Code by establishing additional nursing home regulatory requirements the state is required to follow and also modifies the survey process.
    PA 322 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 577 of 2011 - Amends the Unarmed Combat Regulatory Act by cleaning up language regarding the composition of the commission and their terms, establishes bond requirements, clarifies responsibilities of the promoter, provides certain exemptions of record, material, information or data released under the freedom of information act, clarifies initial information required with the application for a promoter's license and requires each promoter to pay a regulatory and enforcement fee of 3% of the total gross receipt from the sale, lease, or other exploitation of broadcasting, television, and motion picture rights for an event
    PA 546 of 2012.  

  • Senate Bill 1091 of 1012 - Amends the Mobile Home Commission Act by setting requirements that the applicant for a duplicate title submit certification of ownership and if the application is electronic, verification of identity is provided. 
    PA 588 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1145 of 2012 - Amends the Public Health Code by clarifying that physician's assistants, regardless of whether they are supervised by medical doctors or osteopathic physicians, all operate under consistent laws and regulations as far as prescriptive authority and makings calls, etc. are concerned.  It provides the same controlled substances prescriptive authority for physician's assistants reporting to medical doctors and osteopathic physicians to going on rounds without restrictions on time or frequency of visits by the supervising physician.
    PA 618 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1267 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act to remove the sunset for approval of shared-work plans.
    PA 579 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1272 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act by modifying the distribution of employer payments.   
    PA 493 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1291 is tie-barred to Senate Bill 1292 of 2012 - Senate Bill 1291 creates a new act known as the Security Alarm Systems Act.  Senate Bill 1292 amends the private Security Business and Security Alarm Act to exclude from regulation under that act a system provider (as defined in Section 2 of Senate Bill 1291) that is registered under the Security Alarm Systems Act created under Senate Bill 1291.
    Senate Bill 1291 - PA 580 of 2012
    Senate Bill 1292  - PA 581 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1316, 1317, 1318, 1319, 1320 of 2012 - These tie-barred bills amends the Business Corporation Act, Professional Services Corporation Act, Occupational Code, an Act to Regulate the Carrying on of Business under an Assumed or Fictitious Name, and the Limited Liability Company Act to include and reference Professional Service Corporations.
    SB 1316 - Vote reconsidered, postponed temporarily (not enrolled)
    SB 1317 - PA 566 of 2012
    SB 1318 - PA 567 of 2012
    SB 1319 - PA 568 of 2012
    SB 1320 - PA 569 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1335 of 2012 - Amends the Clear and Convincing Standard for Michigan Occupational Safety and Health rules that exceed federal standards. 
    PA 415 of 2012

  • Senate Bill 1336 of 2012 - Amends the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act by eliminating the Occupational Health Standards Commission.
    PA 447 of 2012