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Senate Legislation 2013-2014

  • Senate Bill 27 of 2013 - Amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998 to allow an eligible merchant to fill and sell growlers with beer for off premises consumption under certain conditions,  The bill adds that a small wine maker or an out-of-state entity that is the substantial equivalent of a small wine maker that holds a farmer's market permit may sample and sell the wine at retail at the farmer's market.
     PA 101 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 79 of 2013 - Amends the Michigan Liquor Control Code of 1998 by adding section 415, which allows the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to issue farmer's market permits to qualified small wine makers.  The permit would allow qualified small wine makers to conduct tastings and sell wine made by that qualified small wine maker for consumption off the premises at a community or municipally sponsored farmer's market.
     PA 100 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 235 of 2013 - Amends several sections of the Stille-DeRossett-Hall Single State Construction Code Act (PA 230 of 1972) by adding the definitions of "Fire Protection Systems", "Fire Protection System Inspector" and "Fire Protection System Plan Reviewer" and requires a registration be completed for which the Construction Code Commission may revoke or suspend, upon written notice of hearing.  This gives registered fire inspectors the ability to approve plans for and installation of fire protection systems.  The bill also includes reciprocity provisions.
    PA 150 OF 2013

  • Senate Bill 357 of 2013 - Amends Chapter 7A, Section 778  of the Business Corporation Act, PA 284 of 1972, by excluding from the definition of "interested shareholders" a person who acquired voting shares from the corporation or in a public offering by or on behalf of the corporation. 
    PA 123 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 472 of 2014 - Amends the State Survey and Remonumentation Act, PA 345 of 1990, by expanding the type of work the Survey and Remonumentation Fund may be used for and reinstates the State Survey and Remonumentation Commission as an advisory panel to the Department.
    PA 166 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 373 of 2013 - Amends the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, by adding section 17723 to allow the Michigan Board of Pharmacy to approve pilot projects for innovative applications.
    PA 267 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 539 of 2013 - Amends Section 7 of the Government Liability for Negligence Act, PA 170 of 1964, by specifying that the immunity provided to state and local governmental units does not apply to the liability of a governmental agency under the MISS DIG Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act.  (Tie-barred with SB 540)
    PA 173 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 540 of 2013 - Creates a new Act "MISS DIG Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act".  This Act requires excavators to call MISS DIG before digging underground and requires underground facility owners and operators to mark underground facilities so they can avoid being damaged by excavators.  There are also civil and criminal penalties for violation of the act. including a general civil enforcement process and a specific process for local governments, both to be administered by the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC).  The Act also requires the Commission to implement provisions for reporting and tracking damages to underground facilities, and to make this data publicly available on the Commission website.  (Tie-barred with SB 539).
    PA 174 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 660 of 2013 - Amends Article 7  (Controlled substances) article 8 (licensure and enforcement) and article 15 (occupations) of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, by reclassifying marihuana, including pharmaceutical-grade cannabis, as a Schedule 2 controlled substance within article 7 as well as establishes licensure to manufacture, distribute, prescribe or dispense pharmaceutical-grade cannabis as a controlled substance.  Article 8 would add provisions for the licensure of facilities, prescribing and dispensing requirements, sale and distribution requirements and the enforcement of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.  Article 15 was amended to make numerous technical changes to the general and pharmacy practice and drug control sections.  (Note: Provisions in this bill will not go into effect unless Federal law changes, making medical marihuana a schedule 2 controlled substance).
    PA 268 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 255 of 2014 - Amends the Fireworks Safety Act, PA 256 of 2011, along with the Stille-DeRossett-Hale Single State Construction Code Act, PA 230 of 1972, where if PA 230 of 1972 (State Construction Code Act) is inconsistent with PA 256 of 2011 (Fire Works Safety Act), the provisions in PA 256 of 2011 (Fire Works Safety Act) supersedes to the extent of the inconsistency.
    PA 9 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 475 of 2014 - Creates the "Trampoline Court Safety Act" by specifying safety requirements that a trampoline court operator would have to meet so they would not be held liable for injuries that may occur as a result of actions or damages that occurred.
    PA 11 of 2014

  • Senate Bills 476 and 477 of 2014 are tie-barred. Senate Bill 476 amends the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980, by deregulating auctioneers that are registered under the Occupational Code.  Senate Bill 477 amends the State License Fee Act, PA 152 of 1979, by eliminating the fee collected for the registration of auctioneers.
    Senate Bill 476 - PA 151 of 2014
    Senate Bill 477 - PA 152 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 494 and House Bill 4377 of 2014 - Amends the State License Fee Act, PA 152 of 1979, and the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980.  House Bill 4377 de-regulates community planners under the Occupational Code and SB 494 eliminates the fee for the registration under the State Licensing Fee Act.   
    Senate bill 494 - PA 153 of 2014, House Bill 4377 - PA 154 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 504 - Amends Section 925 of the Michigan Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, to revise how the code should be construed and to provide for the severability of any provision of the Code to be found unconstitutional.  The Code should be construed to affect the intent and purposes set forth in it and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Michigan.
    PA 46 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 505 of 2014 - Amends Section 609 of the Michigan Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, to include additional exceptions to the prohibition against a manufacturer, mixed spirit drink manufacturer, outstate seller of beer, outstate seller of wine, outstate seller of mixed spirit drink, vendor of spirits (collectively "suppliers"), a warehouser, or wholesaler, providing aid or assistance to any other vendor by gift, loan of money or property of any description, or other valuable thing, or by giving premium or rebates.
    PA 47 of 2014

  • Senate Bills 506 and 507 - Senate Bill 506 amends Section 409 of the Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, and requires the beer tax levied in this section to be paid by the wholesaler assigned to distribute the beer that is manufactured outside of Michigan.  The tax would only be paid on the number of barrels the wholesaler actually sold to licensed retailers.  The bill also allows a brewer or brewpub to designate a wholesaler to pay the tax for beer that is manufactured in Michigan.  Senate Bill 507 amends Section 301 of the Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, by requiring wine tax and the mixed spirit drink tax levied in this section to be paid by the wholesaler assigned to distribute the wine or the mixed spirit drink that is manufactured outside of Michigan.  The tax would only be paid on the number of liters actually sold by the wholesaler to licensed retailers.  The bill also allows a wine maker or a mixed sprit drink manufacturer to designate a wholesaler to pay the tax for the wine or the mixed spirit drink that is manufactured in Michigan.
    Senate Bill 506 - PA 48 of 2014
    Senate Bill 507 - PA 49 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 650 of 2014 - Amends Section 203 of the Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, to allow expansion of the state's craft brewing industry.  It allows qualified micro brewers and their out-of-state equivalents to sell and deliver beer directly to retailers under certain conditions. 
    PA 50 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 329 of 2014 - Amends Section 605 of the Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, to allow a wine maker, distiller, and brandy manufacturer, or parent company, subsidiary, or affiliate located in Michigan to acquire, develop, lease, finance, maintain, operate, or promote real property occupied or to be occupied by another vendor, except a wholesaler, under certain conditions. 
    PA 45 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 479 and House Bill 4378 of 2013 - Senate Bill 479 amends Article 5 of the Occupational Code by removing the license/registration renewal requirement and cleans up references of the Occupational Code to occupations that have recently been de-regulated.  House Bill 4378 amends Article 6 of the Occupational Code by eliminating the state list of professional interior designers created under the general provisions under this article.
    SB 479 - PA 265 of 2014 and HB 4378 - PA 193 of 2014

  • Senate bill 575 of 2013 - Amends Section 333.16216 of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978,  by providing for removal of disciplinary subcommittee member(s) if there is a conflict of interest.
    PA 95 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 576 of 2013 - amends the "Regulatory Boards and Commissions Ethic Act" within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  The Act defines and states the duties of a board member and what they can and cannot do.
    PA 96 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 577 of 2013 - Amends Sections 333.16221, 333.16222, 333.16226 and 333.16227 of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, by expanding the grounds for administrative sanctions for licensed and registered health professionals or applicants for licensure of registration.
    PA 97 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 578 of of 2013 - Amends Section 333.16216 of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, to establish a review process before a disciplinary subcommittee's decision is final.
    PA 98 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 607 and House Bill 4392 of 2013 - Senate Bill 607 amends the  State Licensing Fee Act, PA 152 of 1979, to eliminate the fee for the registration of Ocularists.  House Bill 4392 amends the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980, by eliminating the registration of Ocularists.
    SB 607 - PA 155 of 2014 and HB 4392 - PA 156 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 612 and House Bill 5396 - Amends article 11 of the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980 to revise the hours of education required for barbers. 
    SB 612 - PA 136 and HB 5396 - PA 137 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 636 of 2014 - Amends the Michigan Telecommunications Act by altering the process by which a wireline provider of telecommunications service could discontinue providing service within an exchange beginning in 2017.  The legislation would also alter the timeline for recalculating Access Restructuring Mechanism payments; require the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to maintain a database of wireline providers by exchange; remove requirements for payphone service providers and operator service providers to annually renew registration with the MPSC; allow a provider to use a service guide, rather than a MPSC-approved tariff, to classify local calling areas; and provide that service shall not be disconnected for nonpayment of a disputed amount, rather than while there is an ongoing dispute. 
    PA 52 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 641 of 2013 - Amends Article 25 by adding a new Section 2504a of the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980.  The amendments eliminate the requirement that the Department approve continuing education courses but allows for the Department to audit assuring continuing education compliance.  It also revises existing continuing education and relicensure processes for real estate brokers, associate brokers, and salespersons. 
    PA 106 of 2014

  • Senate Bills 690, 691, 692, 693 and 694 of 2013 - Amend several acts (4) by eliminating, under certain circumstances, the prescription requirement for physical therapy (PT) and requirements for employers and insurers to provide coverage or reimbursement for PT.   PAs 260, 261, 262, 263 and 264 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 704 and Senate Bill 904 of 2014 - SB 704 amends Part 177 of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, which provides for regulation of compounding pharmacies.  Senate Bill 904 amends the Code of Criminal Procedures placing penalties for a misdemeanor, felony charges and sentencing guidelines for noncompliance of compounding pharmacies.
    SB 704 - PA 280 and SB 904 - PA 279 of 2014

  • Senate Bills 741 and 742 of 2014 - Senate Bill 741 amends the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978 and Senate Bill 742 amends the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980.  The bills will allow for issuance of a temporary licenses or registrations to spouses of military men and women on active duty in the State of Michigan, and hold a license or registration in another jurisdiction.
    SB 741 - PA 148 of 2014 and SB 742 - PA 149 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 846 of 2014 - Amends Section 521a of the Liquor Control Code, PA 58 of 1998, to expand the ability of the Commission to issue on-premise license in redevelopment project areas and in certain development districts or areas, in addition to quota licenses, in villages and townships rather than just cities, if all required criteria is met. 
    PA 270 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 853 of 2014 - Creates the "Eye Care Consumer Protection Act", Part 55A of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978.  Provides for state enforcement of existing federal regulation which prohibits the sale of contact lenses and corrective spectacles without a valid prescription from a licensed prescriber.  This legislation prohibits kiosks that perform automated eye exams and issues prescriptions for contact lenses or corrective spectacles from operating in the State of Michigan.
    PA 269 of 2014 

  • Senate Bill 862 of 2014 - Amends Section 531 of the Liquor Control Code of 1998 to allow the Michigan Liquor Control Commission to issue a Class C or Tavern license for not more than 30 consecutive days at an outdoor stadium typically used for intercollegiate events.  This license will be used for a professional international soccer match between two international soccer clubs sanctioned by an unincorporated non-profit association that is the governing body for soccer in the United States and which is organized and promoted by a match agent that is licensed by the international governing body for soccer.
    PA 135 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 900 of 2014 - Amends Sections 352 and 391 of the Workers' Disability Compensation Act, PA 317 of 1969, to allow insurers and self-insurers the ability to request reimbursements for supplemental benefits paid for periods prior to January 1, 2012 from the Compensation Supplement Fund for a period of time different as currently mandated in statute.  Allows the agency director to authorize and accept applications for reimbursements beyond the one year filing deadline. Allows insurers and self-insurers that had been receiving reimbursements in the form of a tax credit to continue being reimbursed if they are no longer eligible to receive tax credits, they would be entitled to receive reimbursement payments directly from the Compensation Supplement Fund.
    PA 268 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 597 - Amends the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, by requiring the department, in consultation with the health professional boards, to adopt rules that include awareness training standards for identifying victims of human trafficking for health professionals licensed or registered under Article 15 of the Public Health Code. The bill is part of a larger package that addresses various law changes pertaining to human trafficking. 
    PA 343 of 2013

  • Senate Bill 92  - Amends the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, by providing for the licensure of pharmacy technicians as a subfield license, and allows for a temporary and limited license to be issued for pharmacy technicians.  Under the bill, pharmacy technicians may not engage in the practice of pharmacy unless licensed. 
    PA 285 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 712 - Amends section 15 of the Michigan-Indiana State Line Monumentation Act, PA 259 of 2010 by extending the sunset date to January 1, 2018.
    PA 363 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 880 - Amends section 18223 of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, to allow doctoral degree programs in psychology, including MiSPP, to be approved by the board; and, obtain designation from the National Register, accreditation from the APA or CPA, or obtain similar designation by an entity approved by the board.  The bill extends the date programs must obtain designation or accreditation to August 31, 2020.
    PA 385 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 1043 - Amends the Corner Recordation Act, PA 74 of 1990, to support the amendments to the State Survey Remonumentation Act, 1990 PA 345, that passed earlier this year under 2014 PA 166.  The bill also clarifies the Department's authority over the act and its ability to promulgate rules for the implementation of the act.
    PA 420 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 886 - Repeals the Living Care Disclosure Act, PA 440 of 1976, and replaces it with a new act titled the "Continuing Care Community Disclosure Act".  The bill sets forth registration and maintenance of registration requirements for continuing care communities.  Continuing care community means a retirement community in which a person undertakes to provide or arrange for continuing care and which is 1 or more of the following: an adult foster care facility, a home for the aged, an independent living unit, a nursing home, a home care services agency, a hospice, and a place that undertakes to provide care to a member for more than 1 year. Provides for prohibited conduct and penalties. 
    PA 448 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 887 - Amends section 20171 of the Public Health Code, PA 368 of 1978, to allow continuing care communities to be exempt from rules promulgated under section 20171 of the Public Health Code.  Tie-barred to SB 886.
    PA 449 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 888 - Amends the Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act, PA 218 of 1979, to allow continuing care communities to be exempt from rules promulgated under the Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act.  Tie-barred to SB 886.
    PA 450 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 889 - Amends the Code of Criminal Procedure, PA 175 of 1927, by deleting a violation of the Living Care Disclosure Act and a false or fraudulent statement under the Land Sale Act from the list of felonies.  Tie-barred to SB 886.
    PA 451 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 1142 - Amends section 19 by adding section 19a of the Fire Prevention Code, PA 207 of 1941, to require three fire drills be held at postsecondary education institutions, specifies when the fire drills must be held, requires the colleges and universities to record each fire drill and submit a statement to the Bureau of Fire Services (BFS) stating the fire drills were held.  The bill also sets forth the penalties which will apply, if an institution does not comply.  Lastly, the bill requires the Department to submit a report to the Legislature. 
    PA 481 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 427 - Amends the Michigan Employment Security Act, PA 1 of 1936, to fix the outstanding immigrant Visa issue in the Act from the passage of HB 4958 of 2013 (PA 241 of 2014).
    PA 510 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 211 - Amends Section 405 of the Worker's Disability Compensation Act of 1969 by establishing a presumption that certain types of cancer are work-related for firefighters in the absence of affirmative evidence of a non-work causation.  The presumption would apply only to a member of a fully paid department or public fire authority, who has been in active service for 60 months or more at the time the cancer manifests itself.  Provides for the creation of the "First Responder Presumed Coverage Fund. (FRPCF) will be a separate fund in the state treasury with the State Treasurer empowered to receive money or other assets from any source for deposit into the fund.  The fund will be administered by the Worker's Compensation Agency Director.  When benefits are provided by the fund, the firefighter's claim against the employer or their carrier will be suspended.  The presumption will only apply when benefits are paid by the fund.
    PA 515 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 623 - Amends the Nonprofit Corporation Act to align with the recently amended Business Corporation Act and to comply with business practices as seen today.  The bill is tie-barred to SB 624 which amends the Charitable Purpose Corporation Act and SB 929 which amends the Limited Liability Company Act. 
    PA 557 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 624 - Amends the Dissolution of Charitable Purpose Corporation Act, PA 169 of 1965 by adding procedures for obtaining consent from the Attorney General before charitable nonprofit corporations can merge, dissolve, withdrawal or convert.  Bill is tie-barred to SB 623 which amends the Nonprofit Corporation Act.
    Public Act 558 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 929 - Amends section 705a of the Limited Liability Company Act by adding a new definition for Nonprofit Corporation.  It allows for the conversion of nonprofit corporations to Limited Liability Companies and permits Limited Liability Companies to convert to a nonprofit corporation.  
    PA 559 of 2014

  • Senate Bill 947 - Amends article 9 of the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980, by clarifying the definition of collection agencies.
    PA 560 of 2014