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Code Official Programs

Requirements for Education and Training Programs

Required Standards

  • A clearly defined statement of purpose and objective must be submitted.
  • Instructors must be approved in advance or concurrently with program approval application.
  • Facilities and equipment must be suitable and consistent with the purpose, design, and intended outcome of each learning experience.
  • Instructional materials and other resources essential for the successful presentation of the program must be submitted.
  • A student or trainee evaluation process must be established to assess the qualifications of those successfully completing the program.
  • A permanent record of trainee activity must be established including course titles, attendance records, individual registration numbers, and course evaluation criteria.

Education and Training Program Approval Application

Continuing Education Programs

The Approved Continuing Education Programs List is a listing of approved programs for building officials, building, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing inspectors, and plan reviewers. The list is updated after each Construction Code Commission meeting.

Questions regarding licensing requirements should be directed to the Bureau’s Licensing Division at 517-241-9316.