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Adult Foster Care Record Description

It will be helpful to print this page for reference when viewing the associated data files.
The text files that you download have the following information in them.
Each piece of information is separated with a comma (,):


A Facility County (County Number) R Serves Aged (Y,N)
B Facility Type
AF= Family Home-(capacity 1-6)
AS= Small Group-(capacity 1-6)
AM=Medium Group-(capacity 7-12)
AL= Large Group-(capacity 13-20)
AG=Congregate-(capacity >20)
AI=County Infirmary-(capacity >20)
AH=Home for the Aged
S Serves Traumatically Brain Injured (Y,N)
C License Number T Serves Alzheimer's (Y,N)

Facility Name

U Special Certification for Developmentally Disabled (Y,N)

Facility Supplemental Address

V Special Certification for Mentally Ill (Y,N)
F Street Address W Certification for Community Living Facility for the Developmentally Disabled (Y,N)
G City X Certification for Community Living Facility for the Mentally Ill (Y,N)
H State Y Licensee Name
I Zip Z Rule Violations Within Last Year (yes, no)
J Facility Telephone number AA Licensee Address
K Capacity AB Licensee Supplemental Address
L License Effective Date (ccyy/mm/dd) AC Licensee City
M License Expiration Date (ccyy/mm/dd) AD Licensee State
N Facility License Status AE Licensee Zip
O Serves Physically Handicapped (Y,N) AF Licensee Telephone
P Serves Developmentally Disabled (Y,N) AG Licensee Status
Q Serves Mentally Ill (Y,N)