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MI Prevention Rockstars

Charon McNabb, President of National Carbon Monoxide Awareness Association (NCOAA) came to MI Prevention a year into our strategic plan with goals to educate and protect first responders and citizens against CO poisoning. NCOAA and MI Prevention have established an amazing relationship that works on several projects in reducing CO Poisoning, including establishing the first ever National CO Coalition. NCOAA is a Rockstar for many reasons, but our favorite is there “Protect the Protectors” campaign, which puts a personal CO monitor that reads CO down to 6 ppm, to detect CO in homes while responding to calls in their communities. This type of detection has caught many CO leaks in residents’ homes.  NCOAA also has a blow device that allows fire fighters to test their CO levels after fighting fires, to reduce CO poisoning as well as, develop data trends on this issue among first responders.

Congratulations on your Rockstar status with a great program “Protect the Protectors” and MI Prevention looks forward to working on more projects with NCOAA.


Bill Ciner was awarded the Fire Inspector of the year 2020 award from Michigan Fire Inspectors Society (MFIS). Fire Marshal Bill Ciner, of the Roseville Fire Department has worked tirelessly to arrange and organize the State Fire Marshal's smoke alarm blitz for multiple east side fire departments including, SCS, Eastpointe and Roseville. What impressed SFM Sehlmeyer most on those smoke alarm blitzes was the overall dedication from Bill Ciner and Roseville Fire Department towards the individualized community risk reduction to each home owner. Congratulations Bill!


Captain Aileen Pettinger of the Saginaw Fire Department was awarded the “Fireman Larry” Public Educator of the year 2020 from Michigan Fire Inspectors Society (MFIS).  Aileen stepped up and implemented a national program known as “Sound Off” in the city of Saginaw. The Sound Off program works with elementary schools to educate 2nd and 3rd grade children in fire safety. Another component of this program involves providing smoke alarms and practicing a home fire escape drill with the family’s during the home visits.  Aileen also was asked to speak at Vision 2020 conference in Murfreesboro, TN on her extraordinary efforts in the Sound off program. Great work Aileen and congratulations on your MFIS award!


Meredith Hawes was awarded the President’s award 2020 from Michigan Fire Inspectors Society (MFIS). Meredith Hawes, NFPA’s Regional Director for the North Central Region that covers IL, IN, MI, MN, and WI.  

MFIS and MI Prevention have partnered together working to reduce fire fatalities across the State of Michigan. Hawes has been part of MI Prevention from the start, as a key component to developing our 3-year strategic plan and assisting in fire safety education with all fire groups across the state. MI Prevention congratulates Meredith on her MFIS Presidential award and look forward to working on future projects.