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BFS Certification for Firms/Qualified Persons

Certification Firms

Public Act 207 of 1941, the Fire Prevention Code requires that fire alarm and/or fire suppression system installations, testing, servicing, inspection and/or maintenance in state-regulated facilities must be performed by a firm that has been certified by the Bureau of Fire Services (BFS). Specifically:

Section 29.3c Rules; review and consideration; variation of application of rule; board as hearing body; modification of ruling or interpretation; decision; exemption.

5) The bureau shall promulgate rules as provided under section 2a for the certification of a firm that does any of the following:

  1. Installs, modifies, or documents the installation or modification of a fire suppression system.
  2. Documents the installation or modification of a fire alarm system.
  3. Performs testing, servicing, inspections, or maintenance that has not been exempted by the rules promulgated by the bureau on fire alarm systems or fire suppression systems.
  4. Submits a drawing, plan, or specification of a fire alarm system or fire suppression system to the bureau for approval under section 29, except an architect or professional engineer licensed under article 20 of the occupational code, 1980 PA 299, MCL 339.2001 to 339.2014.

A firm wanting to become certified shall complete the BFS Certification New Firm Packet and submit to BFS for approval. When completing the packet, please select only the categories for which the firm wishes to become qualified. A qualifying person affidavit is also required for new firms as at least one qualifying person will need to be employed by the firm. A fee of $150.00 is required for each new firm. The certification is valid for 3 years.

As the end of the certification cycle approaches, approved certified firms will receive a renewal notification from BFS. Certified firms wishing to renew their certification shall complete the BFS Certification Renewal Application and submit for approval. A fee of $150.00 is also due at this time. 

Plan Submittals

Certified firms shall submit plans to BFS for proposed installations or modifications to required fire alarm/fire suppression systems using the Application for Fire Safety Plan Examination (BFS-979). Once the plan review report has been completed by BFS, the certified firm will receive a 12A form which is required to document the completed installation of the fire alarm/fire suppression system. Upon completion of the project, the qualifying person for the certified firm will sign off on the 12A documentation and return it to BFS along with the associated documentation fee.

For more information regarding the firm certifications, please refer to the Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Certification Rules. Questions can also be directed to the BFS Plan Review Division at 517-241-8847.