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Documenting Your Complaint


To ensure a successful investigation process, you should collect copies of relevant documents such as:

  • Contracts
  • Price quotations
  • Proof of payment for work (e.g., canceled check, receipt, closing statement)
  • Notes you may have taken
  • Keep copies of all documents sent to the department.



Your complaint must be in writing and signed. Describe the factual basis for the allegation. Do not include any information such as your social security number that you do not want released to the respondent. Do not send bulky material. If additional information is needed you will be contacted.

Real estate complaints must be filed with the Department within 18 months after the date of the alleged violation or, if the alleged violation occurs in connection with a real estate transaction, the date the transaction is completed. Include appropriate documentation confirming the date of the alleged violation and/or the date the transaction was completed, as applicable. A complaint may be filed against any other licensed party at any time.