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Naming a Limited Liability Company

The proposed name of a limited liability company must be distinguishable from the name of other corporations, limited partnerships or limited liability companies. The name also may not contain a word or phrase indicating it is organized for a purpose other than is stated in the Articles of Organization. A limited liability company name may not include the words "corporation", "incorporated" or the abbreviations "corp." or "inc.".

If a limited liability company is to operate under one or more names other than the limited liability companies true name, a Certificate of Assumed Name (CSCL/CD 541) must also be filed. The assumed name must be distinguishable from the names of active limited partnerships, corporations or limited liability companies.

Prospective members should wait until the articles are filed before ordering or purchasing items such as signs, business cards and stationery to avoid problems that may arise due to a conflict with another entity's name.

If more time is needed to organize the limited liability company the name may be reserved for 180 days.