Conservation Officer Hiring Process

1. Persons interested in applying for a position as a Conservation Officer should complete the Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC) Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam. Click on the link for the exam application. A practice test is available at

You must have taken, passed and received a valid score for the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam BEFORE submitting your application.

2. The next step is the submission of an application using MCSC's electronic system powered by NEOGOV at You will create an account or "profile".

At the website, select "State Jobs," on the left side then find and select the Conservation Officer 10 position."

As part of the application, attach the following: cover letter, resume, job-fit questionnaire, location preference sheet, transcripts, DD214, and passing results from the MCSC exam (if available). All required documents MUST be complete and attached or your application will be rejected.

You will receive an e-mail when your complete application is forwarded to the Department of Natural Resources. Questions regarding Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam or your electronic application please contact MCSC at 1-800-788-1766.

Common reasons an electronic application is rejected are:

  • You did not have a valid exam score when your application was submitted or it expired.
  • Your application did not have all the required information or attachments (cover letter, resume, job-fit questionnaire, and/or location preference sheet).
  • You do not meet the minimum standards.

Once you have corrected the issue you will need to re-submit your electronic application.

3. Selected applicants will be mailed a notification packet with information regarding attending an orientation day. At the orientation day, applicants will first take the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) physical fitness test. Upon successful completion of the physical fitness test, applicants will then attend an orientation, followed by the pre-screening interview. All documents in the packet must be completed prior to the orientation day. 

They include: copies of the MCSC exam results (if not previously submitted), a completed Experience and Education Questionnaire, proof of Live Scan fingerprint submission, DD214 (military service), and a picture ID. 

4. Applicants successfully completing the pre-screening interview will have an in-depth and exhaustive background investigation completed by a department background investigator.

5. After the background investigation is completed, successful applicants will be scheduled for a final interview.

6. Successful applicants will receive a conditional offer of employment, which requires the successful passing of psychological testing, MCOLES medical, hearing, eye exam and drug screening prior to being hired.

7. Upon successful passing of the conditional offer of employment requirements, applicants are hired and begin training.

Training consists of a 22 week Conservation Officer academy, followed by 18 weeks of field training with an additional four weeks of specialized break-out sessions in the areas of marine, off-road vehicles, fish & game, and waterfowl identification and enforcement.

For more information, please contact a recruiter near you.