Alcohol Restrictions

Alcohol restrictions at state parks and recreation areas

April 1 through Labor Day, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage without written authorization of the park manager in the following locations:

  • Fort Custer Recreation Area - entire park.
  • Holly Recreation Area - day-use areas south of McGinnis Road.
  • Island Lake Recreation Area- day-use areas in park.
  • Seven Lakes State Park - entire park.
  • Maybury State Park - entire park.

April 1 through September 30, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage without written authorization of the park manager in the following locations:

  • Brighton Recreation Area - Bishop Lake day-use area.
  • Pinckney Recreation Area - Silver Lake and Halfmoon Lake units.
  • Sterling State Park - day-use areas in park.
  • Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area - day-use areas in park.
  • Ortonville Recreation Area - Big Fish Lake day-use area.
  • Proud Lake Recreation Area - all state-owned lands in section 18, T2N, R8E, Oakland County

April 15 through June 15, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in:

  • Muskegon State Park - channel and Lake Michigan campgrounds.

April 15 through Labor day, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in the following locations:

  • P. J. Hoffmaster State Park - campground.
  • Van Buren State Park - day-use and beach area.
  • Muskegon State Park - entire park except the campgrounds that are regulated pursuant to subsection (4).
  • Waterloo Recreation Area - Portage Lake unit campground and day-use area.
  • Yankee Springs Recreation Area - Gun Lake day-use area.

May 15 through June 10, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in:

  • Silver Lake State Park - entire park.

March 1 through September 30, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in the following locations:

  • Grand Mere State Park - entire park.
  • Warren Dunes State Park - entire park.

You may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage at any time:

  • Bay City State Park - entire park except for registered campers in the campground.
  • Dodge #4 State Park - entire park.
  • Grand Haven State Park - entire park, except for persons with written authorization of the park manager.
  • Holland State Park - entire park.
  • Pontiac Lake Recreation Area without the written authorization of the park manager.
  • Yankee Springs Recreation Area - Deep Lake campground, mountain bike parking lot, and boating access site.
  • William G. Milliken State Park and Harbor.

You may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage at McLain State Park on "K-Day" (Keweenaw Day) which takes place in September.

You may not possess open intoxicants at Belle Isle State Park without written authorization of the department.

You may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage at Pinckney Recreation Area within .25 mile surrounding and including the parking lot at Pickerel Lake.

Alcohol restrictions at boating access sites

Consuming alcoholic beverages or possessing an open alcoholic beverage are not allowed at the following locations:

  • Big Lake boating access site 3-1, section 14, T2N R12W, Allegan County.
  • Green Lake boating access site 3-4, section 10, T4N R11W, Allegan County.
  • Lake Sixteen boating access site 3-9, section 16, T2N R11W, Allegan County.
  • Irving Road boating access site 8-5, section 31, T4N R9W, Barry County.
  • Bristol Lake boating access site 8-11, section 10, T1N R8W, Barry County.
  • Airport Road boating access site 8-32, section 10, T3N R9W, Barry County.
  • Benton Harbor boating access site 11-12, section 24, T4S R14W, Berrien County.
  • Jasper Dairy road boating access site, 11-13, section 27, T5S R18W, Berrien County.
  • Buchanan boating access site 11-8, section 23, T7S R18W, Berrien County.
  • Lake of the Woods boating access site 12-4, section 19, T7S R6W, Branch County.
  • Goguac Lake boating access site 13-2, section 14, T2S R8W, Calhoun County.
  • Lanes Lake boating access site 13-4, section 27, T1S R6W, Calhoun County.
  • Hemlock Lake boating access site 14-7, section 3, T5S R13W, Cass County.
  • Lake Fenton boating access site 25-2, section 14, T5N R6E, Genesee County.
  • Lake Ponemah boating access site 25-3, section 22, T5N R6E, Genesee County.
  • Long Lake boating access site 34-2, section 3, T8N R7W, Ionia County.
  • Sherman Lake boating access site 39-2, section 29, T1S R9W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Morrow Pond boating access site 39-5, section 22, T2S R10W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Eagle Lake boating access site 39-6, section 9, T3S R12W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Rupert Lake boating access site 39-9, section 5, T1S R12W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Sugar Loaf Lake boating access site 39-11, section 5, T4S R11W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Murray Lake boating access site 41-1, section 33, T8N R9W, Kent County.
  • Campau Lake boating access site 41-2, section 12, T5N R10W, Kent County.
  • Camp Lake boating access site 41-4, section 18, T9N R11W, Kent County.
  • Whitmore Lake boating access site 47-4, section 32, T1N R6E, Livingston County.
  • Harley Ensign Memorial boating access site 50-1, section 15, T2N R14E, Macomb County.
  • Selfridge Boating access site 50-3, section 5, T2N R14E, Macomb County.
  • Clinton River cutoff boating access site 50-7, section 30, T2N R14E, Macomb County
  • Little Whitefish Lake boating access site 59-9, section 8, T11N R10W, Montcalm County.
  • Pickerel Lake boating access site 62-3, section 1, T12N R13W, Newaygo County.
  • Orchard Lake boating access site 63-1, section 14, T2N R9E, Oakland County.
  • Tackles Drive boating access site 63-4, section 13, T3N R8E, Oakland County.
  • Tipsico Lake boating access site 63-18, section 30, T4N R7E, Oakland County.
  • Lake George boating access site 65-16, section 18, T21N R2E, Ogemaw County applies May 20 through September 15.
  • Lake St. Helen boating access site 72-14, section 21, T23N R1W, which lies north of Airport road and east of Iroquois road, Roscommon County, May 20 through September 14.
  • Klinger Lake boating access site 75-2, section 2, T8S R11W, St. Joseph County.
  • Fishers Lake boating access site 75-3, section 34, T5S R11W, St. Joseph County.
  • Clear Lake boating access site 75-4, section 17, T6S R12W, St. Joseph County.
  • Gravel Lake boating access site 80-3, section 31, T4S R13W, Van Buren County.
  • Van Auken boating access site 80-7, section 33, T2S R16W, Van Buren County.
  • Three Mile Lake boating access site 80-8, section 21, T3S R14W, Van Buren County.
  • Lake Cora boating access site 80-10, section 18, T3S R14W, Van Buren County.
  • North Channel boating access site 74-1, section 9, T2N R16E, St. Clair County.

Consume or possess an alcoholic beverage on any of the following state-owned lands:

  • Days River fishing site 21-101, section 2, T40N R22W, Delta County.
  • Austin Lake boating access site 39-14, section 26, T3S R11W, Kalamazoo County.

Possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in the moorage facility parking lot, the beach area, the toilet building, on walkways shoreward of the pier, or on the main piers and finger piers of the East Tawas mooring facility, Iosco County, during the period from May 15 to September 15. This prohibition does not apply to boaters while on a vessel, or to the transportation of alcoholic beverages in a closed container to a vessel.