State Forest Campgrounds

What you will find

  • Located on (or very near a) river or lake, providing access to fishing, boating and paddling.

    Vault toilets are available at each campground.

    Potable water is available from a well-hand pump at all campgrounds.

    Parking for two vehicles is located at each campsite.

    A wooden picnic table is available at each campsite.

    A fire pit is available at each campsite.

What you will NOT find

  • Electric hookups
    There are no electrical units in campsites or common electrical sources. Please plan ahead for cell phone and medical device charging.

    Wi-fi is not available because these rustic campgrounds are typically located in more remote locations with less access to infrastructure. As technology access changes, Wi-Fi could become available in some locations.

Reserving a site

Other considerations

  • Campers, RVs, tents?
    You can bring your camper or RV (or recreational vehicle); however, campsite size varies. In addition, many state forest campground roads can be rocky, narrow and include a narrower turning radius. You can still get larger campers and RVs into some of these sites, but tents, pop-up campers, smaller travel trailers and truck campers may be better suited. If you are traveling with a larger equipment, please reach out to the managing unit to learn about spacing and road conditions.

    Please keep in mind that these rustic campgrounds do not have hookups for water, electric and/or sewage.

    Cell phone coverage?
    Cell phone coverage can be hit or miss depending on the specific location. In some cases, campers have been using mobile hotspots to work remotely.

Project Rustic Tour

  • Project Rustic - a statewide RV tour of Michigan's rustic campgrounds - was designed to help improve the depth and accuracy of information for rustic and backcountry travelers. The goal was to improve the depth and accuracy of information about our rustic campgrounds and associated amenities. The tour was the innovation of Paige, a Huron Pines AmeriCorps member serving with the DNR, who felt one of the best ways to capture the details of each destination was to experience it herself by traveling in a mobile office. The five-month tour took place during spring/summer 2021.

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