• More and more women are learning about and enjoying hunting, fishing, backpacking, shooting sports, kayaking and many more outdoor recreational activities. Becoming an Outdoors Woman is a great way to learn the outdoor skills that are necessary to enjoy these activities. Beginners are our specialty, and our programs offer a mix of outdoor skills over a three-day format and all the equipment is provided for you.

    Participants select their program choices from a list of courses offered during the workshop. The workshop provides opportunities in three general program areas: shooting and hunting, fishing, and eco-sports, such as kayaking, camping or orienteering. The instruction is focused on the needs of learners 18 years and older. All classes are taught in a very "hands-on" way.

    Michigan's Becoming an Outdoors Woman traditional winter and summer workshops are currently only offered in the Upper Peninsula, however, we have smaller scale “Beyond” workshops that are held throughout the entire state. Classes fill up very quickly when offered. We encourage you to sign up for email alerts if you would like to be informed when workshops are open for registration. Information will be made available on this page when new workshops are available.

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