Contact Information

Law Enforcement Division

For general questions related to DNR law enforcement topics, call 517-284-6000 or email

Recreational Safety, Education and Enforcement section

Lt. Thomas R. Wanless, 517-284-6026,

Sgt. Steve Orange, 517-284-6022,

‚ÄčKelly Snyder, administrative assistant, 517-284-5994,

Erica Moore, education specialist, 517-284-5991,

Contact or 517-284-6055 for education materials, classes and handbooks related to:

  • Hunter Education (including trapping and bow)
  • Marine
  • Snowmobile

Employment, Training, Legal and Policy section

Lt. Jason Wicklund, 517-284-5996,

Sgt. John Meka, training sergeant, 517-284-6499,

Jami Selden-Manor, department specialist, 517-284-5980,

Amber Rairigh, department technician, 517-284-5998,


Grant Information

Marine: Grants Management Section, 517-284-7268

ORV/Snowmobile: Parks & Recreation Division, 313-284-7275