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If selected, do I have to utilize the free camping provided at the Hartwick Pines State Park Campground?

No. If you refuse the free campsite it will be made available to the public and cannot be used by you, your friends or your family.

What type of campsite is provided?

Site 2, a campsite with 20-30 amp electrical hookup, is provided for host use. The campground has a sanitation station and modern shower building for host use.

When will I be notified?

You will receive an email upon receipt of your application. If selected to move on, phone interviews will be conducted in mid-March. You will know by late March if you have been selected.

Are there laundry facilities for hosts?


Is there air conditioning or heat in the Memorial Building?

No. Hosts should be prepared for hot and cold weather.

Is smoking allowed?

A designated smoking area is provided away from the Memorial Building and old growth forest. Any type of smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not allowed in or near the Memorial Building.

Can my family or friends camp at the park while I'm a host?

Sure! Please be aware that the Memorial Building Host program does not have special access or rights to campsites. Friends and family must reserve sites by calling 800-447-2757 or online at Keep in mind that camping is only allowed in designated campsites in the Hartwick Pines State Park campground. If utilizing the free camping, hosts must reside in site 2 at the park campground. Friends and family may camp on your site per standard Michigan state park campground policies.

Can I camp before or after my time as a building host?

At the discretion of the park manager, hosts can camp on site 2 a day or two before and after their host term if the site is available. Hosts must use the DNR reservation system to book lengthier camping stays.