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Marine Safety Grants

Program objective

To promote safety in the use of recreational watercraft through law enforcement and education.


Grant funding is made available to county sheriff departments within the State of Michigan and is dependent on such factors as the area of public waters to be patrolled, the number of law enforcement personnel available for marine patrol, the number of boat livery inspections to be conducted and the extent of the county's boating safety education program. Total marine safety program expenditures and past operating grant histories (grants provided and usage) are also considered in arriving at the final grant awards for each community.


All counties in the State of Michigan are eligible to apply. Expenses applied to patrol time and law enforcement work, instruction of boating safety classes, administering proctored boating safety exams for approved on-line safety courses, inspection of boat liveries, operating costs, and purchase of equipment necessary for patrol and law enforcement work are eligible for reimbursement, dependent on availability of funding.

Application process

  1. Grant applications are made available in January each year.
  2. County grant proposals are due by March 1 to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (Department). Submittal of the grant application - must be Submitted electronically in the MiGrants.
  3. The Department reviews, evaluates and approves funding to counties.
  4. The Department prepares grant agreements and notifies each county of their approved Marine Safety program grant.


Grant applications are due by March 1.

A completed State Aid Voucher and documentation of expenditures are due no later than March 1 following the end of the grant period for reimbursement with state funds. A State Aid Voucher and documentation of expenditures are due by October 31 following the end of the grant period, for reimbursement with federal funds.


The time period from grant application to grant award is three to four months. For state funds, grants are issued for an entire calendar year, January 1 through December 31. For federal funds, grants are issued for a partial fiscal year, January 1 through September 30.

Dollar Amount available

Funding is based on the criteria listed above and varies from county to county. Reimbursement with state funds is up to 75 percent of actual expenditures, but not to exceed the grant allocation. Reimbursement with federal funds is up to 100 percent of actual expenditures, not to exceed the grant allocation.

Source of funds

State Funds: Administered by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Federal Funds: Boating Safety Financial Assistance, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security.


State Funds: Part 801, 1994 PA 451, as amended. Federal Funds: 46 U.S.C. 13103(a)(2) and (3), Boating Safety Financial Assistance.


Law Enforcement Division: Lieutenant Tom Wanless, 517-284-6026,

Grants Management Section: Christie Bayus, 517-242-8737,