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New Teachers

Children releasing salmon in the water with a school bus in background

New Teachers

cover of the SIC application

Interested Teachers

Are you ready to join the almost 300 Salmon in the Classroom teachers around the state? Classes raise and learn from Chinook salmon from eggs in the fall to releasing young smolts in the spring. Classrooms utilize provided activities, maintain the tank, care for the fish and then release them in a fun culmination of the year.

Applications are due between Jan. 1 - April 15 each year. Any 3rd - 12th grade classrooms are able to apply.

Things to know before you apply:

  • Applicants will know in May if they are accepted to the program.
  • Over the summer, teachers should seek out sponsors and purchase the $1500-3000 worth of equipment needed.
  • In mid-October, new teachers must attend a 2 hour Zoom workshop on aquarium setup and maintenance, then set up their own tanks.
  • In mid-November, new teachers must attend a 1-day in-person professional development workshop.
  • At the end of the workshop, you get your eggs and go straight to your classroom to acclimate them to your tank.
  • From January - release, fish must be fed daily on week days, and any debris siphoned out.
  • Weekly, you must measure water parameters, siphon the bottom and exchange 25% of the water.
  • Throughout the year, you will use the classroom activity guide to incorporate learning about the salmon, the Great Lakes and ecology.
  • In the spring you and your students will select and travel to a local approved stream to release your fish. This day can be a short fieldtrip, or include learning stations, and activities.

Apply and Learn More:

  1. Read through our Start Up Guide and Application  to understand the program and to apply between Jan. 1 - April 15.
  2. Check out all the great resources we have for our SIC teachers


Returning or Replacement Teachers

If you are returning to the program after a year or more off, or you are replacing a teacher that used to participate in the program you must:

  • Submit a completed SIC application by October 1.
  • Read your confirmation email for the next steps.

For questions about the program, contact the aquatic education coordinator, Tracy Page.