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Fuelwood FAQs

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  • Yes. Also, permits are only valid on state forest land within the permitted area.

  • No. Cutting should start when permit is purchased. No extensions or refunds will be given.

  • Yes, However, YOU (the permittee) must be on site when cutting and in the vehicle when transporting the wood.

  • No. Permits are restricted to one 90-day permit per household per year. However, you still have the option to visit the U.S. Forest Service and obtain a permit to collect fuelwood on federal forest land.

  • Maybe. Wood may not be removed from timber sale areas until that timber sale area is included on a permit map. The General Fuelwood Permit maps are updated each year before the start of the permit season (April 1). If you are interested in a particular area that is not included on the General map, contact the local DNR office to inquire about a Specific Fuelwood Permit.

  • No. You must remain on established roads. No off-road use of vehicles is permitted; this includes ATVs, ORVs, etc.

  • Yes, you may use a wheelbarrow or handcart off-road.

  • No. Remove only dead and down material from areas shown on the map provided. No standing trees, alive or dead, may be cut under a general area permit.

  • No. Firewood removed under this permit is for personal use only and is not to be sold or traded.

  • The Collection Log must be filled out prior to transporting fuelwood collected under the permit. If you are contacted by a conservation officer and the log is not completed, you may be considered in violation of the terms of the permit and may receive a citation.