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Promotional resources

Let's lure in more bookings!

Let’s get more people charter fishing on the Great Lakes of Michigan! The charter fishing industry is critical to Michigan’s economy and produces thousands of jobs across the state. These marketing materials have been crafted for you to make spreading the word easy. The goal is to get you more business.

Among the materials are a reference guide on how to use social media, including a posting calendar with prewritten messages and images to share. Also included are prerecorded videos to share on social media and a document on how to create in-the-moment reaction videos while clients are catching fish or talking about the great day they had. In addition, you’ll find a one-page flyer that can be distributed at events or local businesses — consider posting those at tourist hot spots in your area. Lastly, there are sample email messages for sending to current, past or potential customers to encourage booking trips.

You know firsthand how special time on the water with friends, family and fish can be. By adding these marketing materials to your tackle box, you’ll be able to catch more customers!

Social media

Social media is a key way to educate individuals who are looking to book a fishing trip. Being active and engaging on social media can help you attract new customers. 

Thumbnail showing preview of Social Media Best Practices flyer

Social media best practices

This document outlines how to use social media, including best practices and some do’s and don’ts.

Thumbnail showing preview of Social Calendar flyer

Social media calendar

Keeping your messaging organized on social media is very important. A calendar will help you create and implement a plan that gives you a consistent social media presence.

Thumbnail showing preview of Social Media Post Samples flyer

Social media post samples

Below are prewritten messages for use on social media. They were crafted to engage, entertain and encourage people to try charter fishing.

Thumbnail showing preview of Social Graphics package

Social media graphics

A package of five fun, exciting images to pair with your social media posts.

Thumbnail showing preview of Creating Exciting Reaction Videos flyer

Creating a reaction video

This guide will help you capture in-the-moment videos while customers are on their fishing trips. Videos are a great way to remember and show the smiles, fun and excitement that was had.

Thumbnail showing preview of Sample Email Massaging flyer

Email messaging

This messaging is for use in emails sent to current, potential or previous clients to encourage them to book with your charter.

Thumbnail showing preview of promotional flyer


This one-page document can be customized! Type in your charter name, phone number and location, then print copies and share them throughout your community. You could distribute it at local restaurants, businesses and community centers.