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Bovine tuberculosis testing

A DNR lab worker removes lymph nodes from a deer head for disease testing.

As a responsible hunter, you understand the importance of monitoring the health of the deer herd for diseases like bTB. Fortunately, you can take your deer to a staffed disease sample submission site or unstaffed drop box to have your deer tested for bTB. We are here to provide you with the necessary information to help you make an informed decision about bTB testing to keep our deer population healthy and sustainable.

Check my bTB test results

Counties of focus for deer head collection and testing

In 2023, focused disease monitoring will be occurring in the below counties. Deer can also be turned in for TB testing from anywhere in the state at the hunter’s request.

  • Alcona
  • Alpena
  • Cheboygan
  • Crawford
  • Iosco
  • Montmorency
  • Ogemaw
  • Oscoda
  • Otsego
  • Presque Isle
  • Roscommon

Available disease testing options

DNR drop boxes and staffed sample submission sites

We have staffed sample submission sites in addition to unstaffed drop boxes in locations across the state. Please see disease sample submission sites to find a location.

  • Remove deer heads prior to visiting a sample submission site.
  • If you would like to keep the antlers, remove them from the head.
  • Deer without a completed harvest report will not be tested.

If TB is found in a submitted deer, the hunter will be notified by letter and will be eligible for a replacement deer license. Additionally, all results are posted at