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Alcohol rules at state parks and boat launches

A number of rules, regulations and policies were put in place to enhance safety, create a welcoming environment and protect parks and campgrounds for future generations.

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Alcohol restrictions at state parks and recreation areas

You may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage within the following described locations April 1 through Labor Day without written authorization of the park manager:

  • Belle Isle Park - entire park.
  • Fort Custer Recreation Area - entire park.
  • Holly Recreation Area - day-use areas south of McGinnis Road.
  • Island Lake Recreation Area- day-use areas in park, excluding rented shelters.
  • Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area - day-use areas in park.
  • Muskegon State Park - day-use area.
  • Pinckney Recreation Area - rented shelters in the Silver Lake and Halfmoon day-use areas.
  • P. J. Hoffmaster State Park - campground.
  • Proud Lake Recreation Area - day-use area east of Wixom Road.
  • Seven Lakes State Park - day-use areas of the park.
  • Sterling State Park - day-use areas in park.
  • Van Buren State Park - day-use and beach area.
  • Yankee Springs Recreation Area - Gun Lake day-use area.

March 1 through Sept. 30, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in the following locations:

  • Grand Mere State Park - entire park.

April 1 through Sept. 30, you may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage in the following locations:

  • Brighton Recreation Area - Bishop Lake day-use area.
  • Warren Dunes State Park - entire park.

You may not possess or consume an alcoholic beverage at any time within the following described locations, without written authorization of the park manager:

  • Dodge #4 State Park - entire park.
  • Grand Haven State Park - entire park.
  • Holland State Park - entire park.
  • Maybury State Park - entire park.
  • Pontiac Lake Recreation Area - day-use areas in the park.
  • William G. Milliken State Park and harbor - entire park/harbor.
  • Yankee Springs Recreation Area - Deep Lake campground, mountain bike parking lot and boating access site 8-18.

Alcohol restrictions at boating access sites

Consuming alcoholic beverages or possessing an open alcoholic beverage are not allowed at locations below. This prohibition does not apply while on a vessel.

  • Big lake boating access site 3-1, section 14, T2N R12W, Allegan County
  • Green lake boating access site 3-4, section 10, T4N R11W, Allegan County.
  • Lake sixteen boating access site 3-9, section 16, T2N R11W, Allegan County.
  • Irving road boating access site 8-5, section 31, T4N R9W, Barry County.
  • Bristol lake boating access site 8-11, section 10, T1N R8W, Barry County.
  • Airport road boating access site 8-32, section 10, T3N R9W, Barry County.
  • Benton harbor boating access site 11-12, section 24, T4S R14W, Berrien County.
  • Jasper dairy road boating access site, 11-13, section 27, T5S R18W, Berrien County.
  • Buchanan boating access site 11-8, section 23, T7S R18W, Berrien County.
  • Goguac lake boating access site 13-2, section 14, T2S R8W, Calhoun County.
  • Hemlock lake boating access site 14-7, section 3, T5S R13W, Cass County.
  • Lake Fenton boating access site 25-2, section 14, T5N R6E, Genesee County.
  • Lake Ponemah boating access site 25-3, section 22, T5N R6E, Genesee County.
  • Long lake boating access site 34-2, section 3, T8N R7W, Ionia County.
  • East Tawas mooring facility (May 15 to Sept.15), Iosco County.
  • Sherman lake boating access site 39-2, section 29, T1S R9W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Morrow pond boating access site 39-5, section 22, T2S R10W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Eagle lake boating access site 39-6, section 9, T3S R12W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Rupert lake boating access site 39-9, section 5, T1S R12W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Sugar loaf lake boating access site 39-11, section 5, T4S R11W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Austin lake boating access site 39-14, section 26, T3S R11W, Kalamazoo County.
  • Murray lake boating access site 41-1, section 33, T8N R9W, Kent County.
  • Campau lake boating access site 41-2, section 12, T5N R10W, Kent County.
  • Camp lake boating access site 41-4, section 18, T9N R11W, Kent County.
  • Harley Ensign memorial boating access site 50-1, section 15, T2N R14E, Macomb County.
  • Selfridge boating access site 50-3, section 5, T2N R14E, Macomb County.
  • Clinton river cutoff boating access site 50-7, section 30, T2N R14E, Macomb County.
  • Little Whitefish lake boating access site 59-9, section 8, T11N R10W, Montcalm County.
  • Orchard lake boating access site 63-1, section 14, T2N R9E, Oakland County.
  • Tackles drive boating access site 63-4, section 13, T3N R8E, Oakland County.
  • Tipsico lake boating access site 63-18, section 30, T4N R7E, Oakland County.
  • Lake George boating access site 65-16, section 18, T21N R2E, Ogemaw County (May 20 through Sept. 15).
  • Lake St. Helen boating access site 72-14, section 21, T23N R1W, Roscommon County (May 20 through Sept. 14).
  • Klinger lake boating access site 75-2, section 2, T8S R11W, St. Joseph County.
  • Fishers lake boating access site 75-3, section 34, T5S R11W, St. Joseph County.
  • Clear lake boating access site 75-4, section 17, T6S R12W, St. Joseph County.
  • Gravel lake boating access site 80-3, section 31, T4S R13W, Van Buren County.
  • Van Auken boating access site 80-7, section 33, T2S R16W, Van Buren County.
  • Three mile lake boating access site 80-8, section 21, T3S R14W, Van Buren County.
  • Lake Cora boating access site 80-10, section 18, T3S R14W, Van Buren County.
  • North Channel boating access site 74-1, section 9, T2N R16E, St. Clair County.