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Where to ride ORVs

Michigan has riding opportunities for people of all abilities. Find information on designated ORV trails and routes, scramble areas such as Silver Lake and Holly Oaks, state forest roads and ORV-friendly campgrounds.

Designated ORV trails and routes

Designated ORV route: any road that has been properly signed by the DNR for ORV use.

Designated ORV trail: a path or way capable of travel by a two- to four-wheel vehicle 50 inches wide or less, and properly signed by the DNR for ORV use.

There are three types of state-designated ORV routes/trails:

  • Motorcycle-only trails maintained at a 24" width.
  • ORV trails maintained at a 50" width.
  • ORV routes maintained at a 72" width.
Screenshot of snowmobile interactive map on desktop, mobile and tablet

Interactive ORV route and trail map

Find designated ORV routes and trails, state-forest roads, closures, parking lots and more. This application contains a complex map. If you need assistance, please contact DNR-Trails.

Example of ORV printable PDF map

PDF maps and data files

Find PDF ORV maps for printing or saving to your mobile device. You can also download the data files in GPX format (for use in GPS devices and mapping applications).

Scramble areas

In addition to ORV routes and trails, Michigan has a number of ORV scramble areas, each one offering unique and exciting ORV riding opportunities for riders of all abilities and experience levels.

Silver Lake State Park

Located along the shores of Lake Michigan, Silver Lake State Park ORV Area offers 450 acres of dune riding adventures.

Holly Oaks ORV Park

Located in southeast Michigan, Holly Oaks consists of former and active sand and gravel mines making it a unique destination. 

The Mounds ORV Park

The Mounds, located in Genesee County, is a 370-acre ORV facility with opportunities for ORV riders of all kinds.

St. Helen Motorsports

A large ORV area with over 50 miles of trails, sandy play areas, and moderate sized hill climbs plus six short obstacle courses.

Bull Gap ORV Hill Climb

Located in the Huron-Manistee National Forest, this ORV sandhill is surrounded by 100+ miles of trails plus ORV campgrounds.

Black Mountain Recreation Area

Located in Cheboygan County, a rustic ORV scramble area in a roughly 8,000-acre forest recreation area, with 60 miles of ORV trails. Side-by-sides not allowed due to steep, sandy terrain.

ORVs on state forest roads

The majority of state forest roads are now opened to ORV use, providing thousands of miles to ride. See which forest roads you can ride on, plus be part of the process by providing comments on proposed roads.

State forest roads ORV

ORV-friendly campgrounds

ORVs are generally prohibited in state parks and recreation areas; however, there are a handful of ORV-friendly state parks and state forest campground open to riders.

ORV Friendly Parks and Campgrounds