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Dune ready?

a truck riding the dunes

Dune ready?

Is your vehicle ready to ride the dunes?

Before you enter the dunes, please make sure that your vehicle is ready. If you are entering the ORV area with a dune-ready vehicle, you can use the welcome center to make adjustments (as noted below). If you are trailering, you can do this in your parking spot.

  • Orange safety flag - Attached in proper location and 10’ high.
  • All required permits on vehicle (ORV license, ORV trail permit and Recreation Passport).
  • Tires aired down - It's recommended that you inflate your tires between 12-15 PSI. The maximum is 15 PSI.
  • Seat belts for all occupants.
  • Eye protection - windshield, goggles and/or face shield.
  • Spark arrester type exhaust.
  • Maximum noise -  Vehicles can not exceed a noise level of 94 dB.
  • No Alcohol - Coolers will be checked.

If you towed your ORV with a trailer or need to use a parking space, AND IT'S A WEEKEND OR HOLIDAY, you'll need to acquire a parking lot voucher.